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Looking for appropriate sidedish

I want to try a recipe I found for Sesame Chicken Satay, and I want to serve it as an entree instead of a party food. I need some good sidedishes to go with it. Any suggestions, please!

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  1. I can see something green - like, maybe, baby bok choy or long string beans. You must have jasmin rice. Have the sauce on the side, too. A little cucumber vinegar salad.

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      Excellent suggestions, Sarah. I should have thought of that myself!! I love jasmin rice.

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        I would actually go with coconut rice to bring out a little more of the subtle sweetness of the satay. It's still made with the jasmine, of course. Cucumber salad of course, although green papaya salad does sound very refreshing. And something a little spicy and more substantial like miso-red curry glazed green beans.

    2. Can you make fresh vietnamese spring rolls? (Get those rice wrappers and stuff it with stuffing of choice--herbs, noodles, sprouts, meats, shrimp, veggies, etc.) Another idea--though I have yet to find the right papaya to do this, but the papaya salad that they serve at thai restaurants. It's refreshing and really nice/summery.

      1. maybe some red curry cold noodles.- maybe not served cold, but served room temp... make some spicy peant butter sauce to dip your chicken satay in or you can buy some sweet chili sauce in your asian section or market.

        somthing green is def a good idea.

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            This sounds right up my alley. I think I'll try this recipe. Thanks.

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              I forgot to say that I add thinly sliced red onion to the mix which makes it nice. And, the recipe says to make it 2 hours in advance, and I've found I like it better when made the night before if you have the time.

              Enjoy and let us know how it goes.

          2. A nice thick peanut butter sauce to go with the satay and rice, grilled pineapple with cocunut sauce, cucumber salad a must as is the rice.

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              I'd like to try the papaya salad, but the grilled pineapple is a MAJOR favorite in my house. Thanks for the suggestion, or reminder if you will, of one of my favorites!

            2. A variation on the cucumber salad:

              Cucumber/Daikon Radish Salad

              1 English Cucumber, finely shredded
              1 white Daikon radish, finely shredded (Approximately 2 lbs)
              2 tablespoon salt
              1 small carrot, finely shredded
              2 green onions, cut in 1/4 inch pieces
              1/4 cup rice vinegar or white vinegar
              2 tablespoon sugar
              1/2 teaspoon finely ground red chili pepper


              Prepare the radish and cucumber:
              Place the shredded radish and cucumber in a bowl.
              Add the salt, mix well and let stand for 10 to 15 minutes.
              Rinse with cold water then drain thoroughly, pressing out as much liquid as possible.

              Prepare the Salad
              Add carrot, green onion, vinegar, sugar, and red pepper. Mix well.
              Serve chilled or at room temperature.


              1. Thanks to everyone for all your suggestions and recipes.

                1. I love pansit with either beef or chicken satay. As a side, wonderful yellow rice, made with lemon grass, coconut milk, turmeric etc. Different and gorgeous. You can never go wrong serving Lumpia with dipping sauces. Then to break things up, a fresh sprout and cress salad. Little dishes of spicy tart cucumbers. YUM!!