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May 7, 2008 09:22 PM

casual sushi?

Although I hear that Kaz sushi is good, is there any good rec's for a great sushi place? Nothing too fancy, I was thinking of a place I can perhaps pick up or even sit in, but nothing too sceney. Anywhere metro accessible is fair game. I picked up some sushi when I went in to NY and this particular place had the best rice in their rolls that I almost wanted to look into the kitchen. I went to Wasabi off Farragut with a few friends, and I didn't know how to feel about it-any ideas?

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  1. When we don't feel like forking over a ton of cash for Sushi-ko we go to Yosaku on wisconsin ave. near tenley. Great quality sushi - nice people, casual atmosphere. Well priced too imo.

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      Also in the Tenley Town metro area - Simply Ayzen. They took over the old Jindara (was a Thai place). Now its Asian fusion along with Sushi. I just tried it the other week with my GF and two coworkers and was pretty happy. Food was good plus and service was excellent (waiters really on the ball).

      We started with an order of Manhattan Rolls (REALLY GOOD! Was pleasantly surprised), the Roti Canai (Good!), Crispy Calamari (Ok but I'm not a big calamari fan so don't listen to me on this one), Emperor Shrimp (OK), Peking duck roll (I liked it but my friends thought it was just ok), Mackerel Teriyaki (GF's entree - she liked it) and Kyoto Steak (my entree - I thought this was great).

      For desert we split with the Green Tea Creme Brule and Fried Icecream (all good but not really difficult deserts, so fwiw!).

      Overall definitely would recommend and I will go again. Maybe try other dishes on menu - might be some other hidden gems on there.

      Their website is at:

    2. My casual neighborhood sushi place is Sakana on P St. in Dupont Circle. I personally love it and it's perfect for what you are looking for.

      1. Bonsai Sushi on 23rd Street off the Crystal City metro stop is my go-to for really good sushi. I haven't found a *great* place in the area so far, but this one comes close, and nothing is better than a beer and some uni on the patio.