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May 7, 2008 08:16 PM

Crawfish boil at Acme

$14.95 for a plate of about 20 mudbugs with red potatoes and corn. Go with a patient friend who won't mind sitting with you for the inordinate amount of time it takes to eat them (if you're like me, and insist on eating the claw meat in addition to the tail). I drank the Acme house brew, which was kind of gross, maybe the tap was dirty. Yet I kept ordering it. Crawfish clouds the brain.

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  1. Is this a special or always on the menu? I've been craving crawfish lately, didnt see anything on their website about it.

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      It's a special, the crawfish festival, that runs through the end of May. For reasons I cannot begin to fathom, the CH moderators removed my original answer to you, which was a link to an ad for the festival (and a contest to win a gift card, which had just ended).