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May 7, 2008 08:06 PM

miami casual dining

what would be your top 10 sit down restaurants with entrees < $15?
looking for the best taste for less...

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  1. specifically, any place that is spectacular on Calle Ocho?

    what notable Cuban places am I missing?
    so far, I've tried Versailles, La Carreta, Las Culebrinas, Havana Harry's, Islas Carnarias, Little Havana, Puerto Sagua, David's Cafe, El Nuevo Siglo Market, El Rey de Las Fritas, Original Rey de La Pizza Cubana, Mojito Grill, Sergio's, Latin Cafe 2000, Casa Larios

    1. origin asian bistro, casa larios, tropical chinese dim sum, thats it,

      1. I'm not sure if I would mention anything "spectacular" on Calle Ocho yet. :-/ Maybe Las Tapas de Rosa would be my favorite? Not sure.

        Other choices: Buena Vista Bistro, El Nuevo Siglo Market (although I'm not so sure if this qualifies as sit-down), Caballo Viejo (lunch time special until 4 pm), Hereford Grill (lunch time special, again), La Moon, New Hong Kong City (more of a take out location), Pollo Brasa y Sazon, Cliff's, hrm...

        It's kinda hard to come up with 10 places - I could name them but then I might be upset that I could think of better ones later once I could remember their lunch pricing (big difference for some locations)! But this is it that I can come up with! And then there's places I haven't tried: LC Roti, and others!

        1. The original comment has been removed