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May 7, 2008 08:04 PM

Eating In Vegas

Coming to Vegas in June. We have no idea what to expect with the food there.

We are staying just off the strip on the south side. We will have a car. We are not wanting to spend too much on food. I have heard that it is very expensive though.

We will be in a condo, so we are going to eat breakfast in house. But will end up eating out for lunch/dinner.

Usually food takes a priority for us, but this trip is going to be about other fun things. So we are wondering what our options are for good, moderate priced food. Are any of the buffets good?

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  1. What kind of budget are you looking at? Most buffets (dinner) are around the $20-$30 range so it's not really TOO bad. You can find some like Excalibur or maybe Luxor for cheaper but not much. I would recommend either of the Rio buffets myself. Just win at the tables and the $~25 fare would be nothing.

    1. The lunch buffet at the South Point isn't too shabby, sounds like your staying closer to that. Having your own car is a bonus- you can drive to where us locals like to eat, and save $$, to boot!

      Village Pubs are all over, there's now 13 different ones in Vegas. The food is solid, and a bit different that your typical "pub" fare, but they make a great fish and chips! Open 24/7

      Steiner's Pub: very good food, more sports-bar feel, but good food as well. 24/7

      Eastern Ave (Green Valley) has lots and lots of great eats, from fancy to casual. Want to try In N Out? It's there. Want to try Origional Tommy's from LA? We have that too. Both great, and worth the trip.

      Green Valley Ranch has one of the best buffets, IMHO. Plus, they have an Origional Pankcake House, for a very good breakfast.

      Take a drive to Chinatown, and enjoy the plethora of Asian food. Many places are open till 2am. Ichizya is a Japanese pub, fantastic food and drink. A bit rowdy at night, but they like to have a good time there. (They are happy-drunk, not angry drunk!)

      Hope this helps!

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        Locals like to go for Italian food at Carluccio's next door to the Liberace museum, away from the strip. Also, chinese food in the big hotels are a good deal.

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          Really, i've never been to the Liberace museum, but i've heard from others that the food is quite good there.

          Chinese food at The Palazzo is a rip-off/poor value for the $$ spent. If i'm going to a hotel to eat chinese, i'll head to Ping Pang Pong's at The Gold Coast. EXCELLENT food, good prices. But, I rarely think about going there, since Chinatown's only a few blocks away.

      2. Try Nora's Cuisine for great Italian. They're at 6020 W. Flamingo.
        Joyful House on W. Spring Mt. for Chinese.
        Try the Ellis Island Casino for real good BBQ. And, its only $6.95 !
        I like The Golden Steerhouse down by the Sahara in a little strip mall.
        The buffets at Bellagio and at the Wynn.

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        1. re: janzy

          If you're watching your pennies, as you seem to be, the best suggestions so far seem to be: the lunch or dinner buffet at the South Point Hotel (it's not great, but it's good and tasty, and quite good value); any Steiner's Pub (it seems to me there's one south of The Strip on Las Vegas Blvd., near where I think you're staying); and Nora's on Flamingo West for cheap and cheerful Italian. Ellis Island, east of The Strip, is also a decent choice, though I find the smoky atmosphere somewhat raucous and unpleasant. I'm surprised no one has yet suggested Lotus of Siam, a mad buy in outstanding Thai food, in a bleak plaza northeast of The Strip. Its menu is online and you'll find lots of advice on what to order there if you do a search of this board. But the Golden Steer, also suggested, is essentially a steak house, and all steak houses in Las Vegas are quite expensive (except the chains). You might also want to log on to the Las Vegas Advisor web site, which every month lists the top ten best-buy noshes in Las Vegas. Ellis Island invariably makes that list. It's deservedly popular, but I still think the atmosphere there detracts from its pleasures. In short, it's not for me, but maybe it's for you. And Mimi's and The Cheesecake Factory are respectably-priced chains offering good quality and surprisingly interesting menus (for a chain).

          1. re: juno

            thanks everyone, great suggestions. Looking forward to the trip, I only hope I can handle the heat!

        2. cleo - must try places - South Point Primarily Prime Rib cheap but very good
          The Orleans Prime Rib Loft also cheap but very good
          Venetian Grand Lux reasonable with huge variety
          MGM Wolfgang Puck litte more $ but good quality & variety
          Mirage Carnegie deli $ but gigantic sandwiches - share
          tell us where you end up trying.

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          1. re: thingfiz

            At the Carnegie you can get the "Woody Allen." Enough corn beef and pastrami for 4 to 6 people--though it's billed as one sandwich. Or if it's just two of you you can bring it back to the condo for another meal or two.--In Dec. it was $18.

            1. re: The Old Man

              I second Nora's on Flamingo! I met Janetofreno for lunch today

              We met @ Nora's which is near her office. When I walked through the door I noticed how cute and quaint it was. Most of the tables were full and the aromas of garlic, basil, pizza were permeating the room. It was a very homey, comforting scent. I saw some food pass by and I knew this was a restaurant I would like.

              I chose for my entree the homemade gnocchi in the Vodka sauce, Janet had the Alla Nora which was a baked spaghetti with eggplant, basil, pesto,and gound beef. While we were waiting the server brought over a complimentary basket of garlic bread! It was warm, not too crusty, fragrant and wonderful!
              The entrees arrived quickly...with one minor glitch, Janet was given a baked ziti dish...not the Alla Nora that she had ordered. We motioned to the server and she came over she recognized immediately that the wrong order had been served and quickly went to grab the correct order. She couldn't have been nicer!

              I could smell the basil in Janet's dish and I was lucky that she afforded me a was wonderful! I'm ordering the Alla Nora next visit!

              My homemade gnocchi were sublime...soft, pillow like and rich. The Vodka sauce was to die for silky and flavorful!

              Nora's isn't cutting edge cuisine. It is rustic, classic Italian in a very pretty setting.
              Service was efficient...we were both able to return to work in an hour...though Janet did tell me they have great Martini's!!!!! Could have changed the tempo of the day!

              I look forward to my next Vegas trip.....I will definitely return!

              Nora's Cuisine
              6020 W Flamingo Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89103

          2. Don't know if this is a second, third or fourth for each, but Lotus and Nora's are must stops.

            I generally avoid buffets. Sorry Wynn, Bellagio, whomever, for that kinda coin it's still a groaning board with heat lamps and steam trays. The lesser buffets are even lesser. Life's too short to eat buffets.

            As with Nora's and Lotus, Vegas is toooo loaded with good local eats to endure barffets. Have lunch at the Palm at Caesars. 20 bucks for three courses, including USDA Prime beef. Outstanding NY-style pizza at NY Pizza and Pasta and Chicago is well represented at Amore. Hit Big Dogs or Chicago Brewing Company for good craftbeer and commendable bar fare. As I posted on another thread, Diamond China on W. Sahara will scare the hell out of you from the exterior but it is ALL China inside. They cook parts of animals I didn't know existed, the parts or the animals. No worries, it's safe and plenty will be familiar. Also, don't forget your dining certificates.

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            1. re: amchef

              Thanks amchef for stepping up and putting buffets in their place. Only in this country would such a gluttonous display of mediocre excess thrive. I hope that Vegas continues to evolve as it has recently and buffets begin to disappear.

              I highly recommend Enoteca San Marco for a moderately priced lunch or dinner. I qualify this as moderately priced in Vegas, but maybe not elsewhere. Enoteca gives the diner a taste of Mario Batali's cuisine without the outrageous prices one pays at his "higher end" establishment, B&B. Enoteca is the only place we seem to frequent consistently on all or our Vegas trips (about 4 trips/year).

              1. re: climberdoc

                Thank you, climber. I love Enoteca but don't think it's anywhere near the price realm the OP's looking for. We always spend 100-150 there without going apenutzo ordering.