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May 7, 2008 07:32 PM

Meal Following Funeral/Burial in Cambridge Alewife/Fresh Pond Area (crossposted)

I will sadly be burying my brother either Friday of this week. Can anyone recommend a suitable restaurant in the vicinity of the Cambridge cemetery, Rindge Ave (North Cambridge) to have a meal? The only ones I can remember in the area are Bertucchis, Aku, Aku, Joyce Chen and Franks Steakhouse on Mass Ave.

You know the deal- hard to know how many people will show, although we plan to keep it immediate family. That's at least 1 dozen family members. Parking is an issue. Middle of the road price range. Most folks will be traveling back to the Stoneham/Reading area. After a long emotional day I don't want everyone to drive to far.

Thanks to all with suggestions.

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  1. Gran Gusto on Sherman Street gets rave reviews on this board and would seem to fit most of your criteria.

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      Mary, I am so sorry for your loss... and Tom has come up with the best place. There is plenty of parking in the city lot across the street at St. Peter's park parking. Gran Gusto has enough space that they could manage 12 or 16 or 21....

      1. re: smtucker

        What a hard thing to do. I am sorry for your loss. I agree with the recommendations for Gran Gusto. I'm sure if you called ahead and explained the nature of the occasion and the uncertainty as to numbers, they would make a sincere effort to make everyone comfortable.

    2. What a tough request, and my condolences as well. Aku aku and Joyce Chen do not exist anymore but Frank's is still there and Bertucci's could handle the crowd. Another close option is Summer Shack at Alewife parkway ... but the casual and celebratory atmosphere might not be right.

      Gran Gusto is a great idea -- and I'm sure they would be very sweet and able to help you. Best of luck on the day.

      1. Summer Shack has plenty of space, a casual no-pressure atmosphere, plenty of parking, and good un-challenging food (as long as no one hates fish/seafood). Best wishes.

        1. Thanks to all who offered recommendations. We opted for Gran Gusto and were not disappointed. We have been to Italy several times, my husband having lived in Naples. It was the best Neopolitan pizza he has ever had in the US. The caesar salad was good too, hints of anchovy. We were there about 2 1/2 hrs. It was nice to linger and talk with family members. They accommodated 18 people despite the reservation being only for twelve. All in all, a great suggestion. Thanks again!