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May 7, 2008 07:15 PM

Carryout in downtown Hartford?

Hi all,
Working for the next few months during the week in downtown Hartford (Constitutional Plaza). Looking for suggestions for carryout dinner within a quick walk of there. I'm staying at the Marriott downtown so towards that way would be great as well. I'm a vegetarian so other than steaks, anything works. Thanks in advance!

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  1. Dunno what you think of a 'quick walk' but Aladdin should be about 5-10 minutes away, and has some great vegetarian options. It's on Allyn St, they're at as well.

    I've never had a bad dish from them, and I've tried quite a few..

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      Spris is located on Constitution Plaza. It is very good. Here is their website:

      Also nearby is Arch Street Tavern which serve pub type foods.

      Hope this helps, Jay

    2. The immediate area where the Marriott is is somewhat devoid of restaurants...but if you're willing to walk a few blocks you'll have plenty of options
      Tapas on Ann (St) has lots of very good veg options...about 3 - 4 blocks West of Const Plaza
      Bin 228 on Pearl St... Wine Bar w/salads and Paninis etc..3 -4 blocks West
      Feng Asian Bistro on Asylum.. less than 2 blocks West
      Peppercorns on Main St...South..has excellent veg pastas...the ricotta ravioli with orange sauce is my favorite

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        Saigon Kitchen on Temple St. right across from Constitution Plaza, Feng on Asylum St. for more upscale asian or Vaughn's Public House on Pratt ST.

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        1. The Brew pub we used after Cirque recently seemed to have some vegetarian things, fun atmosphere, great microbrew, city steam ??

          1. Trumbull Kitchen 150 Trumbull Street across from Cityplace - 5 min walk from you. They have some great salads., tapas and pizzas that are veg or can modify to make veg. They do take out or can eat in