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May 7, 2008 06:56 PM

Does Del Posto live up to hype/price?

I know very well about the Michelin stars and the great decor. But this place has a very hefty price tag. I would like to know from those who have dined here if it is worth the hype and the expense. Pictures of the food seem to be quite miniscule. How does Del Posto stack up with other great restaurants in the city. I recently went to Babbo and was thrilled with the experience. Since Batali runs this restaurant as well I would expect it to be great as well. I am thinking of booking this for my mother's 50th birthday and want to make sure it is the right pick. Others I am considering are Gotham Bar and Grill, Craft, and Felidia. Cafe Boulud may be a possibility as well but I don't know for sure....

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  1. I've been to Del Posto twice and will definitely continue going back. I actually think it's very under-rated on this board. The room is stunning, with lots of open space so it's quite luxurious in that respect. The food is fantastic. I've found the service to be hit and miss (the sommalier was very snooty and not terribly helpful), but as a dining experience it's easily in my top 10 in new york.

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    1. re: binkis

      Agreed, whatever that somelier makes (woman when I was there) is too much. She couldn't be bothered with our table, and we plunked down over $1K for dinner.

      Food was very good though and the service otherwise was great. We did the tasting menu and while the portions were small everything was unique and tasty.

    2. Hi SR85,

      Judging from your past reviews, I have a feel that you will probably find the dishes at Del Posto too small or too fancy and hence overpriced.

      I didn't have that feeling at all, and I have recommended Del Posto many times, but that's just my guess on how you might feel about DP.

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      1. re: kobetobiko

        I really enjoyed Babbo and so did everyone I dined with. I assume that the food and service would be comparable since it is another Batali, Lidia collab.

      2. The setting is beautiful, and in my experience the service has been fantastic. I can't find fault with the food--everything is expertly prepared. However, the food never blew me away, and for that price I think it certainly should. Very solid, but not the other-worldly experience I would expect from Mario.

        1. I've been to Del Posto twice recently, and done the tasting menu each time. While the individual portions may look small, I left extremely satisfied (full). The flavors and timing of the dishes were excellent both times. While I have yet to try Babbo, this is easilly my favorite restaurant in the city. I had no service issues on either visit. Both excellent experiences and I will continue to go back.

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          1. re: Salsiccia Creature

            What dishes does every recommend? I was dying to true the ribeye for two but they took it off the menu when I just checked. They have a beef tenderloin now.

            1. re: steakrules85

              I recommend the following from the three pasta tasting menu:

              Lamb Crudo w/Warm Mussels (my favorite)
              Spaghetti w/Dungeness Crab, Jalapeno and Scallions
              Garganelli Verdi w/Ragu Bolognese
              Orrechiette w/Lamb Neck and Sausage, Morels and Spring Onion
              Lemon Ricotta Cheesecake

              If you feel you must order the ribeye for two or beef tenderloin, do so. But
              the pastas are the main attraction here, and for this reason alone I would be happy to return.

              1. re: Hurner

                We will not be ordering from the tasting menu, rather a la carte. I was wondering if you could order 2 pastas and split them as an appetizer. Would this be doable? We did it at Babbo and it was more than enough food. However, I believe the portion sizes are much smaller at Del Posto.

                They may force us in that "2 pastas for the table" deal where they charge you 21 bucks PP rather than just 21 bucks for each plate to share.

                1. re: steakrules85

                  21 bucks per person for pasta sharing, but each person gets two "tastes" (or two choice). So in the end, the two "tasting" size pasta dishes will be about the size of one regular sized pasta. The pasta portion, when split in half, is smaller than appetizer. One pasta ordered as regular size portion will not fill you up.

                  1. re: kobetobiko

                    Thanks for the info kobe.... So each person can choose to order two different pastas? I was under the impression you needed to order 2 of the same pasta for everyone at the table. In that case it is not a bad idea. Becuase if you have 4 people and each orders different pastas you can wind up tasting 8 pastas. Unless I am not understanding you correctly.

                    Still that is a steep price to pay. I went to Babbo and we ordered 2 pastas to share for the appetizer for a party of 4- cost about 25 bucks a dish coming to like 50 bucks. At Del Posto, the same thing would cost 84 bucks. I am not cheap by any means but thats a 34 dollar difference.

                    1. re: steakrules85

                      No, you order 2 of the same pasta for everyone at the table.

                      The price at Del Posto per "course" (entree, apps, etc.) is not too much more expensive than Babbo. It's just that the portion sizes are much smaller. I don't think the sizes are designed for sharing, except fmay be some of the secondi. Also, Del Posto is supposed to be much more expensive than Babbo