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May 7, 2008 06:44 PM

Angel Food Cake

Ive been on an angel food cake kick lately, been a great late night snack with pudding and a nice spring beer.

Looking at ingredients, seems like it should be simple to make. Are there any easy recipes that anyone would suggest and do I really need to make it in shape of bundt pan?
Thanks a lot.


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  1. The Classic Angel Food Cake recipe from Cooking Light is the best I've tried, I've tried many different recipes.

    Angel Food is easiest to release from a tube pan with removable bottom, but I've also made it as muffins, mini-bundts and many recipes say you can use a loaf pan.It's just harder to get the cake out of these pans and harder to figure out how to cool it upsidedown.

    1. alton brown's angel food cake recipe is heaven. so soft, moist, and unbelievably easy.

      1. My fave is Cooking Light's Lemon Angel Food Cupcakes: No tube pan required :)

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          I've made these, too, and they are good. Though for my kids, they prefer a plain rather than lemon cake.

        2. I have only made angel's food cake in an angel's food cake pan. Otherwise, it just isn't angel's food cake. Not a bundt pan - those have intricate shapes. Just a plain and simple angel food cake tube pan.

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            Agreed. angel food cake in other pans is hard. It needs the tube up the center to help it rise. I'm imagining trying to get one out of a bundt pan with all those fluted edges and it's not a pretty picture.

            As for simple...well...once you have mastered the methodology then it IS truely simple. But it's not a slam dunk at first. I'm not discouraging the OP from making one, just warning to pay close attention to the instructions. If your recipe is not really specific about stuff (like a perfectly clean pan, no spec of egg yolk, what the peaks should look like, hanging from a bottle to cool, etc.) you should look for another recipe.

            Of late, I'm making the chocolate angel food from the Cake Bible.

            1. re: danna

              What's a chocolate angel food cake? Isn't that called a devil's food cake?

              1. re: hsk

                A devil's food cake uses the whole egg, not just the whites as in an angel food cake. Don't have the Cake Bible recipe in front of me, but guess that it is an angel food cake with cocoa or some form of chocolate incorporated into it.

                1. re: hsk

                  perhaps you're teasing...but if not...certainly not! A devil's food cake is a very rich chocolate butter cake.

                  yes, MMRuth, the cake bible choc cake has cocoa mixed in a bit of boiling water, lightened w/ some batter and then folded in. I think the tiny bit of water adds some moisture to the cake that is welcomed, plus the chocolate kills any over-sweetness that might be a complaint about angel food. It uses some massive number of whites...16 maybe? It bakes up high and gorgeous...i've been making angel food since I was in Jr. High, and this one wins.

            2. i like the recipe in cooks illustrated the best.

              i have made in muffins but they are not so attractive.