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May 7, 2008 06:42 PM

BistroTek @ Custom Hotel - Perceptor's Report

If you drive by Lincoln and Manchester as much as i do, you would notice the very modern and new hotel called Custom Hotel... the hotel also opened a restaurant thats attached to it called BistroTek..... very small facade and actually quite easy to miss... i finally checked it out and it was quite a nice surprise... food is not bad... very neighborhoody and comforting food and the hotel is quite hip for this LAX area...

Check out my photo report:

BistroTek @ Custom Hotel
8639 Lincoln Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90045
310 645 0400

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  1. I also drive by here frequently and have been very curious about it. Thank you for the report, very useful!

    1. Confirmed last nite. Some nice dishes, great ambiance. Good beers and wine. Check out the sheep in the lobby!

      1. wow.
        i am a student at lmu and didn't expect this.
        i was totally worried that the american apparel had put in some sort of hotel down the street that would attract all the fixed gears in the land, but it's nice to know that it's somewhat upscale and has decent food.

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          Apparently the chef used to cook at Water Grill under Cimmirusti.

          1. re: Rizza

            Small but some nice selections. Also great beers like Youngs Double Chocolate Stout.

          2. I can confirm too. I work in El Segundo and have been several times. It's never crowded for lunch, which is nice, and the food is more than decent and quite thoughtful compared with other places in the area. They also have a great pool/bar area - casually chic and funky. I did a work event here with about 100 people, and everyone loved the place and the food. Great event service too!