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May 7, 2008 06:35 PM

Soft Shell Crabs in Providence

We live in Boston and I was at a restaurant with a soft shell crab special which I didn't order but now can't stop thinking about. Now we are headed to Providence this weekend... staying at the Westin and was wondering if there would be any place we could find it in case I'm still dreaming of them at the end of the week.


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  1. Maybe Hemmingways, but I would call first to check.

    1. Wanted to bump this post up since I am hoping to take mom out for an early mom's day dinner tonight. Anyone had or seen any SSC specials around town? There are some places in Boston that feature SSC "30 ways in 30 days." Anything similar in PVD and environs?

      1. They had a very nice-sounding softshell special at La Laiterie last night, but it was a special, so no guarantees...

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          How was it??? Tell more about what La Laiterie did...
          Also - they had them at Bacaro last year. Call first - we kept calling to have it again but there was a rush of cold weather in the beginning of June and so the crabs weren't molting......(or something...)

        2. There's always the "Japanese fallback" if you like tempura - Haruki's (in Wayland) soft shell crab appetizer is simple and tasty.

          1. I get SSC cravings too and always order them when I see them on a menu. Unfortunately, I'm usually disappointed. I just picked some up at Tony's Seafood on Rt. 6 in Seekonk, Mass. last Saturday (the first I'd seen them this season). I just flour them lightly and saute them in butter. I still can't find anyone who can do them much better than me and it doesn't get much simpler.