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May 7, 2008 06:34 PM

where to get or eat abalone in san diego

I have never had this delicacy and would like to try it. any suggestions for either making it at home or a restaurant that serves it well

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  1. Top of the Market (the upstairs restaurant at he Fish Market in Seaport Village) is the only place I've seen that has served it, and it wasn't cheap at around $75.00 a plate. However, my guess is that Point Loma Seafood, the Fish Market or any other quality fish vendor could order it for you. However, it's rarely served locally any more becuase of the price, and the Japanese will pay top dollar for it.

    1. I've seen it at Mariscos German, actually. Not sure if they have it all the time, but it is on their menu.

      1. I have also seen it at fish house vera cruz. I am not sure if it is the farmed stuff from Cayucus (sp?) or from Mexico but I am pretty sure it was the Red. I thought it was around 60.00.

        1. For the last few weeks Ranch 99 Supermarket in Kearney Mesa has had live farmed (I would assume from Carlsbad) abalone in the seafood section -small little things, but not that expensive either.

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            I will put a post on home cooking about how to prepare it, since OP also asked about that alternative....

          2. I think the Linkery is serving it occasionally, you might want to send the owner an email -