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May 7, 2008 06:33 PM

Best steak dinner in Westchester?

Where is your current favorite steak dinner in Westchester? Does not have to be a typical steakhouse just yummy steaks.

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  1. Morton's has very good steaks. Plus, you get impeccable service. It is however very pricey. I wrote a review about my experience having a rib eye at Joe's Quarry Inn - Delicious! Friends got a NY strip last night and it looked delicious. From the sounds they were making, it must have been good. Definitely give it a try.

    I don't normally get steak when I'm out, but when I do, it's usually Morton's, Luger's, Smith & Wollensky's. I also usually go for the porterhouse and keep away from rib eye, filet, and strips. There are tons of places that serve steaks, but I find it is usually way overpriced and they rarely cook it the way I like (rare/medium rare).

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      In Westchester I would check out the Tollgate Steahouse in Harrison, Frankie and Jonnie's in Rye, or BLT Steak in WP.

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        Have you been to the Tollgate recently? I have heard nothing but negative reviews about it. One person actually told me their steak came out cold. How can that possibly happen at a steakhouse (oh and she ordered it medium well). Good call on Frankie & Johnnie's. I've yet to go, but I've heard so many good things about it.

        Ruth's Chris is the new favcorite of my boss. He's always preferred Morton's to any other place, but he says it blows them away. Just a note, he likes Morton's more than Luger's. I think he's nuts!


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          I just had dinner at Tollgate about a month ago. Everything we had was very good. Not sure what happened that night.

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        Morton's doesn't dry age, though, right? I've never had their steak, but if I pay those prices, I want it to sit around for at least 26 days.

        I usually can't afford to eat good prime dry-aged steak except on special occasions, but I have heard great things about BLT Steak in White Plains. Very $$, but if you can afford Mortons, it's not that much more (unless you get the Wagyu/"Kobe") There was a good string about a year ago, where Billy Parsons lamented the poor quality beef at many restaurants.

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          Wait a minute. Are you putting that dump on Marbledale Road in the same category as places like Morton's, S&W's and Peter Luger's?? I can't believe that a place with paper placemats and washcloths for napkins and sticky tables would have a steak that would even compare to the above mentioned restaurants. I thank you for saving us a TON of money in our next dinner out. I think we've all been wasting our time and money in higher priced places when we have a gem of a place, right in the heart of Tuckahoe! So we have to deal with the stench of the bar-- I guess everything comes with a price, right??

          By the way-- What kind of sounds were your friends making as they devoured their delightful steak dinners?

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            I don't order steak often when I eat outl because i think it's a waste of money. I reserve that waste of money for a ice steakhouse, but I have to be honest. I've been to a few good ones, and a good steak is a good steak. I had the bets filet mignon ever at a friends BBQ, and he seasoned it with nothing more than salt and pepper. It was the meat that made it. I think people get all hung up on appearances. Smith & Wollensky's is a nice night out. The service is impeccable, but in this carnivores honest opinion ' I've had better steaks that I picked up off the shelf at Stop & Shop. I kid you not. I was thoroughly unimpressed by the quality of meat. Was it good? Of course, but it wasn't worth $45.

            I'm not saying a steak at a local tavern is as good as Morton's or Luger's, but what I am saying is for 1/3 the price, it's a darn good steak.

            And LetLug, I wouldn't classify JQI as a dump. Obviously you haven't been there in quite some time, because the napkins haven't been towels in ages. And if you base your dining experience on appearances, you will miss out on some great food. When I was in New Orleans, i was told all of the great places to go. I found this hole-in-the-wall place called The Pearl. Cafeteria tables, and food served in styofoam cups and plates. Hands down the best meals I had in NO were at this place. Was it a dump? Yes. And it was wonderful, and inexpensive. Ever been to the Two Toms in Brooklyn. You sit at a lunch table with other people you don't know. You basically get what they give you, and it's beautiful. I've heard the food isn't what it once was, but when I went it was great. I had the cook at a local establishment in Westchester make me pierogies one night. Potato, onions, mushroom and cheese. They were absolutely the most delicious thing. Surprisingly light for the ignredient within. Was this place a dump/ Absolutely! And I had one of the most delicious things I've ever eaten, just for being in the wrong place at the right time.

        2. I hardly ever order steak unless in a steakhouse. This Sunday I was at a birthday gathering in Pelham at Villagio's. One special was a New York strip with chorizo and a smoky paprika sauce. The steak was real good, cooked perfectly, medium rare.

          I certainly wouldn’t compare to Morton’s prime steak but a pleasant surprise.

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            1. I like Willet House in Port Chester. A classic.

              1. re: Dim Sum Diva

                What is it with this place though? It was great for a few years, then terrible for a few, and now I hear it's good again. It seems to me there is no consistency with the Willet House., too much of a crap shoot.