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May 7, 2008 06:26 PM

Race Street Cafe

Has anyone here been to this place and fill me in on the good, bad, and or ugly about it?

My wife and I pass it everyday on the way home from work, we keep saying we have to give it a try as it is a perfect spot to stop and eat on the way home. The entrance to 95N is right there.

Just figured I'd scope it out on here to see if it worth the stop and if it is, what I should lean towards on the menu.


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  1. Been there quite a few times (none recently though), and always had a great time. The food is really good for it being more of a bar type atmosphere. I would recommend it! We've been with a few different people and they have always enjoyed as well.

    1. the menu is decent but the beer list and atmosphere are the best things about race my fiance and i have eaten there several times and almost everything is good, including the prices.

      1. Good spot, good food, great beer list, nice brunch menu on Sunday.

        1. Race Street Cafe's burgers and wings are fantastic. My fiance really likes their Shepherd's Pie, too (I've only been allowed small bites but found it very tasty). However, I can't recommend any of their pasta dishes I've had.

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            Thanks to everyone for the input. We stopped there last night on the way home.

            I thought it was a pretty cool spot, good bar, nice mix of people. The staff was pretty friendly but seemed like one guy had all the tables with backup help from another staff member. So service was slightly slow, but hey it’s a bar. But overall the service was very good.

            I started with the Chicken Satay with couscous and red curry peanut dressing as my appetizer. It was pretty good, nothing over the top. The peanut dressing was good with a nice spice to it. I didn’t care for the couscous, served cold with a coconut flavor with a hint of cinnamon. I just don’t care for the coconut that way, reminds me too much of soap or suntan oil!

            For diner I got the Grilled Merguez Sausage Sandwich described as African style lamb & beef sausage on pita bread with red onion and roasted yellow peppers and sour cream. I couldn’t figure out what sandwich to get, so I asked our waiter and this was his rec. I thought the flavors were really good, nice, fresh, with some spice.

            My wife got the Grilled Vegetable Muffuletta. I tried it and it was a very good sandwich, with zucchini, squash, onions, and roasted peppers, melted gruyere with a sun dried tomato dressing on foccacia bread. The bread was fresh and the veggies were cooked just right, still having some body to them. I hate mush veggies!

            We got the Chocolate roulade and Crème Brulee to end the meal. Both were good, the roulade has a nice cognac flavoring to the filling and the brulee had a nice orange spike to it. At first however it was a bit harsh I thought, like you can tell it was an orange extract rather than juice or zest. But it mellowed after the second spoon.

            So, all in all a nice spot and one I will go to again.

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