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May 7, 2008 06:04 PM

Bachelorette on a budget

I am a Chicago chowhound headed to Miami for one night w/ a crew of bachelorettes (cruise leaves Friday afternoon). We are budget minded, entrees between $15-$25 and were hoping to eat on the beach. Any recommendations of fun restaurants that will serve our purpose? We'd also like to have brunch Friday morning, something reasonable and tasty. Any additional activity recommendations that can fit in Thursday night/Friday afternoon are appreciated as well!

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  1. Front Porch on Ocean Drive is a good brunch pick and it's fairly economical.

    For dinner, you could try Taverna Opa, a Greek place with flying napkins and dancing on the table. You could then go to The Room nearby- a gem of a bar with a tin ceiling and great beer. (They do not have hard alcohol.)