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May 7, 2008 05:54 PM

italian restaurants near W. 55th St.?

I have been tasked with finding an Italian restaurant near my friend's hotel on W. 55th btw 6th and 7th. So many options seem really pricey (Abbaccato, etc.) and/or packed with theater goers. Anyone have a hidden jewel? Thanks in advance.

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  1. Bocca di Bacco on 9th ave - nice italian wine bar with a variety of dishes, some good some excellent
    Puccini - also on 9th ave, very inexpensive. Not the best italian in the area, but certainly the most affordable. Dishes are generally good, not excellent.

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      I second both of the recommendations. You will feel far removed from the theater goers. Note that Puccini is very small, so on a nice night (esp. Fri. or Sat.), you'll likely have a wait. Bocca di Bacco is a bigger space and has a bar area, but may also have a wait.

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        Thanks for the recs -- have either of you heard/eaten at Maria Pia?

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          I wasn't overly impressed with Maria Pia. Certainly not bad, just nothing amazing. They do, however, have a very pleasant outdoor garden in the back.

    2. Roberto Passon. Counts as a hidden jewel in my book. Very good Italian fare and reasonably priced.

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      1. Il Corso at 19 West 55th is wonderful! I just heard that it may have moved down the street so you should call ahead (212-957-1500).

        1. The best Italian I've had in the area is at Basso56. I just really love the food, and the service is pretty great too. I live a block away, so that also adds to the allure.

          I don't meant to go against the grain, but I've had recent bad meals at both Roberto Passon and Bocca di Bacco, although somehow the service at B&B was really outstanding, so perhaps I got the kitchen on a bad night, and I may go back.

          1. Puttanesca on 56 and 9 is really good and not expensive. Trattoria dell'atre is on 56 and 7-really good thin crust pizza and a great veggie antipasti

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              Not a fan of Puttanesca - it's pretty average, IMHO. I work at 55th and 6th, and we often order from Tuscany, which is right across the street. I haven't had dinner there, but the dinner menu is the same as lunch. Good salads, grilled fish, pasta, etc. Nothing spectacular but solid, and fairly inexpensive.