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May 7, 2008 05:32 PM

"Do not miss..." at the Calgary Farmer's Market

For unfortunate reasons we will be unable to get to the CFM after this weekend for quite some time, and so I would like to stock up on some of our favorites, and find ourselves some treats that we perhaps have yet to discover. We never miss Gull Valley for tomatoes and eggplant, or Sylvan Star for some aged gouda, and we love the shortbread booth, among others. What would you be sure not to miss and recommend that we try? Thanks!

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  1. The pecan cranberry bread (not cake) at the bread stall (don't remember the name). It is perfect toasted with butter. Yum! Also the chocolate croissants at Ladybug bakery. If you haven't had a schnitzel on a bun from Margarites Dishes you HAVE to have one (or two if you're hungry). It is OMG good!

    1. The bread stall is Rustic Sourdough.

      Phil & Sebastian! Lattes are the smoothest and sweetest I have had in Canada. The sauce and stock place has excellent olive tapenade. At Ladybug bakery, I enjoy the almond croissants. From Blush Lane, I buy organic eggs, heavy cream, and Sun Works Farms' thick-cut bacon and organic chicken. And I can't remember the name of the stall, but it is the large produce stand next to Sylvan Star--they had beautiful asparagus last weekend.

      Not rquite a food item (yet): there is an herb stand that sells potted herbs and ready-to-plant herbs, from rosemary to Italian parsley. I bought 3 plants for $10 last weekend. The plants are very healthy and relatively large (for a "seedling"), giving you a good head start on growth.

      1. I second Phil & Sebastian's coffee - whole different playing field than starbucks/2nd cup et al. Margarita's also has delicious borscht, which you can also get frozen to take home and enjoy later.
        - Count me in as another big fan of Blush Lane, Sunworks and Gull Valley for the same reasons as everyone else and Blush Lane has been carrying Lund's beets since they left the market til the new crop of carrots comes in.
        - Rustic Sourdough MMMMmmm pecan cranberry bread - makes grrreat french toast if you don't manage to inhale the loaf on te way home :) ...I also like their pretzel buns (which are usually sold out by Saturday afternoon).
        - Jackson's Deli has some wonderful homemade smoked Turkey and sometimes Roast Beef...miles better than anything at a grocery store deli.
        - Two Greek Gals tzatziki is also a fave in this house...check out the samples, their tzaziki is more garlicky than most but that's the way DH and the kids like it(you can pick it up at Amaranth during the week but it's $1 more there than at CFM). I also like Greek Gals pita but I know it's not everyone's's the soft and chewy greek style - which I find toasts up beautifully for pita crisps and is a nice base for a quick pizza.


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          Blush Lane is opening an Organic Market in Aspen Woods in June. They were handing out announcement cards at the market last weekend. They will still be at CFM too.

        2. Tres Marias for corn tortillas. They will freeze well. Not to mention their salsas, which probably don't freeze well. But they do make tamales and they freeze. Their taco chips are to die for.

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            Jackson's deli also has great chorizo and andouille. Francesco's, near the bagel guy, makes a fantastic Italian sub, the hot calabrese is excellent.

          2. If you like Indian food, the frozen curries at Shef's (next to 2 Greek Gals) are fabulous, especially the butter chicken and the rogan josh. Don't think anyone has mentioned Simple Simon's pies yet - I think they deliver, if you can't make it to the market for a while.