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May 7, 2008 05:11 PM

Help me pick a birthday dinner spot (Fairfield county)

I work in Bridgeport, live in Riverside, and don't go out to eat around here all that much. My general feeling about Fairfield County eating is that, for the most part, it's worth the trip down to New York if I want to go out for a decent meal. As a result, I cook most nights, and I'm in the city most weekends.

The thing is, my birthday's coming up, and I don't feel like cooking on my birthday. Where can I go with my fiancee for a good meal, preferably something that we couldn't get better in the city, something not super high end, but nice ambience and comfortable? We're pretty adventurous and open-minded, and happy to go anywhere from Greenwich to Norwalk to New Canaan to Bridgeport or wherever else. Maybe keep the meal, including some wine, around $150 for two?

One idea is the new Harvest place in NC, or maybe Rowayton Seafood - but please, any suggestions are much appreciated.


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  1. You might want to give Osetra in SoNo a try. It just opened a few weeks ago, we've been twice and really enjoyed it. Small plates, mostly seafood, but a nice variety. Good wine list, very reasonable for the quality. If you search the board, there is a recent thread with a bunch of CHer's reviews.
    Another suggestion would be Schoolhouse at Cannondale in Wilton. Small menu, fabulous food, cozy atmosphere.

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      I agree with both of sibeats suggestions!

    2. Jfood recommendations

      G'wich - Rebeccas
      Stamford - Duo
      New Canaan - Bistro Bonne Nuit (the jfood's go to B'day place); Harvest in on the radar for the next few weeks. Sole
      Wilton - Schoolhouse
      SONO - Osetra this weekend; will report back
      Rowayton - The Restaurant at Rowayton

      These are all pretty special

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        1. I agree w/ those who mentioned Schoolhouse and Osetra.

          The Dressing Room (at the Westport Playhouse, co-owned by Paul Newman) is absolutely lovely, although expensive. All natural foods that are for the most part organic. It's a cool setting too. Sort of like a modern barn. I'd suggest reservations.

          I'm fairly new to the area, but I have been told to try Rowayton Seafood.