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May 7, 2008 05:10 PM

Domo Japanese restaurant?

Anyone been to Domo on Laguna between Hayes and Fell in SF.
Looks like a sushi bar with some izakaya dishes.
A friend says it is run by Japanese people but he hasn't eaten there either.

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  1. Owned by Luke Sung of Isa and run by a partner. Haven't been there yet but I scanned the menu a few days after opening and it definitely falls more in the izakaya/small bites realm and less of a formal sushi restaurant. Heavier emphasis on rolls, maki, and crudo. Nice addition to the neighborhood and I don't think it's in competition with nearby Sebo.

    1. I would describe it as a maki focused sushi restaurant and certainly not a izakaya style menu.

      A link to the menu is

      Sebo does an izakaya night on Sundays, btw.