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Any restaurant rec's near 105th & Broadway?

Hi all. I am going to Smoke Jazz Club this Friday (Between 105th and 106th on Broadway). Does anyone know of anything within 15 blocks that would be nice? I would like to stick to a fairly reasonable price (entrees ~20 bucks or less). I am going with someone who doesn't eat red meat/fowl. He is keen for anything vegetarian or a restaurant that has at least 1 good fish dish. Thanks.

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  1. Alouette, B'way and 98th, is an excellent French bistro. If you are going early they have a 3-course prix-fixe for $25, but even the a la carte is quite reasonable, main courses averaging $20.

    1. I like Indus Valley - B'way around 98th. Upscale Indian, prices right around the $20 mark. Very good.
      Also hear great things about Thai Market on Amsterdam and 107. Been written up in NY Times, NY Mag, etc as being one of the best in Manhattan.

      1. You might consider Henry's, on the same block.

        1. I haven't been there in about 3 years, but the Metro Diner (100th/Broadway) used to have my favorite cheesecake in the city, which they said they made in house.

          A great meal for me used to be Hunan Balcony (98th/Broadway) for chinese (delicious fried seafood wontons and shrimp spring rolls), followed by cheesecake from Metro Diner. Another choice that isn't too far away used to be Saigon Grill, 90th/Broadway. Not sure how good these two are nowadays though.

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            Pisticci is very good, its a little up there though at around 121 and Broadway. Thai Market is excellent. I am not a fan of Indus Valley.

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              I do not like Indus Valley very well, either. It's fairly authentic, but the food is not very well made, IMO.

              Hunan Valley serves very Americanized Chinese food (which one may legitimately like, but just so you know).

              Chadradchad, would you tell me about Pisticci? I keep walking by it, but haven't tried, yet.

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                Oooh. Love Pisticci (it's on LaSalle). The pastas are really well made. I liked a mushroom one and one with seasonal vegetables. Reasonably priced too. I think it's cozy.

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                  whenever i get to know a nabe, there's always those one or two restaurants i always skip over without having tried for no good reason at all -- in huge part b/c i get into my rut with the tried and true. and somehow pisticci became one of them. i'm inspired to give it a go, now, lng. thanks for the rec!

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                    I would also recommend Pisticci for its pasta, even if it's out of the way. Other dishes are good, but the pasta is wonderful, as is anythign with their fresh, house-made cheeses.

                    Also worth considering is Community Food & Juice on b'way at 112th. Some of their entrees are more expensive, but I love their rice bowls, and their burger is also solid (if a bit pricey). http://www.communityrestaurant.com.

            2. Regional serves very reasonable and well prepared Italian 98-99 St & Bway. Malecon on Amsterdam-- inexpensive Cuban/Dominican. I haven't tried it yet, but PicNic looks very interesting. Rack & Soul for BBQ/Southern fare @110 St & Bway.

              1. What about mussels?
                Cafe du Soleil is pretty solid for that area


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                  I haven't tried the mussels, here, but I'll add a plug for their roasted chicken and chocolate mousse. Service is slow (and I think friendly, but reasonable minds have disagreed).

                  There are some veggie / pescatarian pastas and salads, a veggie burger.

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                    cimui and xigua,

                    I found the food at Soleil rather dull. Have you tried Alouette? If not I think you are missing out on a better option.

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                      i haven't tried alouette, rrems. (for some reason i'd been conflating it with cafe metisse, which was not terribly good, in my experience.) another place for me to try -- thanks!

                      you're right that soleil isn't something i would go out of my way for, but i find it to be a pleasant neighborhood option, especially on slow, weekend mornings, when you can loiter there for long, sunny stretches, with a paper and a cup of coffee, later a glass of wine and those nicely greasy, skinny frites... :)

                      perhaps a lot of it is contextual!

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                    Just a quick note about Cafe du Soleil- I enjoy the food there, and they have good deals on weeknights. HOWEVER, we ate there tonight, and they gave our credit card to another table! Unfortunately, the other diners didn't pick up on the mistake, and left with our card. Unbelievably, the waiter claimed it was our mistake, and 45 minutes later the manager found that he had in fact handed our card back to an adjacent table (the manager checked the security camera to confirm this!).

                    So in summary: good food, good deals on weeknights, and absolutely horrifying service. My favorites in the neighborhood are on the cheap end- Absolute Bagels, a slice at Sal and Carmine's, and down to Oueste for a truly great meal (though not cheap).

                    Happy eating!

                  3. I agree with Chadradchad and BKAL re: Thai Market. IMO, it's the best in the area (tho of course you have to like Thai food). It's on 107 and Amsterdam and has quite a few fish / vegetarian dishes. My favorite vegetarian appetizer, quite substantial, is the daikon radish dish (stirfried with various vegetables). If your friend eats calamari, the grilled calamari skewers are also great. And they have crispy, whole grilled fish. I think all entrees are less than $15 and many are less than $10 -- but my favorite way to eat, there, is to order a series of small plates.

                    If you head a bit to the south, Gabriellas (97thish and Columbus) would work, as well, though there are fewer veggie / fish options.

                    And there's a new Thai place right on 105thish and B'way, on the east side of the st. (Smoke is on the west side.) Haven't yet tried it, but the decor is attractive and the menu interesting. I like how the menu gives a lot of food history for certain dishes (i.e. a fried rice filled omelette invented for American soldiers who really took to them).

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                      I like Gabriela's too (it's on Columbus between 93 and 94). I'm a vegetarian, and yes, there aren't too many options. But I've liked what I've had there.

                    2. Big fan of Thai Market as well...I'll second the IMHO of best vegetarian option in the area...nice range of dishes...all reasonably priced. Excellent Pad Thai and salads...

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                        my roommates and i enjoy toast, on 105th/broadway.

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                          Another one for Thai Market! or Regional. I personally love Crepes on Columbus and wonder why it's rarely mentioned on this forum. I really dig savory crepes and find them hard to come by.

                          I guess Carne is gone and Toast is its replacement. Haven't been there but I wanna gtry now.

                      2. Awash--best Ethiopian in the city, 106 and Amsterdam, not expensive, great for vegetarians.
                        Noche Mexicana--Amsterdam 101/102, authentic Mexican, sit-down tables, cheap