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May 7, 2008 04:44 PM

Is a bundt pan necessary?

I would like to make the vanilla breakfast cake that got raves here in 2006, but it calls for baking in a bundt pan, which I don't have. Could I bake it in a loaf pan? or a round spring form? Anyone have experience trying this substitution? What temporal, etc. changes were necessary, if any?

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  1. loaf pans tend to be smaller than bundt pans so the mixture may not fit. If it's a large springform it will be absolutely fine, but you will need to bake it a few mins longer - use the skewer or clean knife test like with any cake.

    1. Here's a link that gives equivalent pan sizes...


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          Joebob, that sounds good. Did a search but couldn't find it. Can you share the recipe please?

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            I was thinking the same thing. Here's the old thread:


            I'm making it today.

            1. re: chowser

              Yes, that's it. Sounds good, dunnit?

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                It sure does....plan to make it this weekend. Thanks chowser and joebob!

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                  this looks great - if anyone makes it let me know what it looks like. dumb question i know but i'm looking for something for a castle bundtcake pan - gingerbread is great in winter but i wanted to try the "sand castle" look for a summer party and thought maybe this would be the right color. thanks!

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                    Way late on this question, but maybe this would work another time; since hearing this tip, I've liked the result: instead of greasing and flouring a pan, use some of the sugar from the recipe to "flour" the pan. The sugar forms a crispy crust which releases as readily as when the pan is floured. I don't imagine this would work with brown sugar - you'd probably get a sticky caramel - but it might do with turbinado sugar, which might look like sand.

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                      Thanks! I thought i posted to this today - as I am actually baking today and never did test them but it didn't seem to take. So I am glad to see this.
                      I am hoping to do a layer cake - maybe 9x13 underneath and do chocolate for those who don't like pound cake because i think there will be too many people (25) for just this cake. then i was thinking to do a lightly cocoa colored/flavored icing that turns out sand colored with more turbinado sprinkled on it.
                      does anyone have a fabulous recipe for a sturdy but tasty chocolate cake - or know if either of these bundt/pound cakes don't turn too brown on a "crust". it's my only fear with a pound cake despite loving them.
                      of course at the rate i'm going it's going to be 11 pm and it's going to be doctored box cake for me!

                      edit - oh i found my post. i couldn't find this in the boards though. or in "my profile". weird.

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                The recipe sounded good so I tried it yesterday. It was okay. I didn't love it but everyone else seemed to enjoy it. There wasn't much flavor, other than vanilla--I would have added nutmeg, lemon zest (or another zest), espresso, or something to give it some zing. It wasn't as dense as I like, though that's a personal preference. Somewhat moist, light. I don't think I'll make this one again. It's not bad but I have other recipes I like much better.

                AMFM, it has a slight yellowish tint to it so it might work as a sand castle cake. I used a spray for the bundt pan but would use butter if I did it again. I don't know how hard that would be with a castle pan and all the crevices.

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                  thanks. other recipes you like much better that look like a sand castle? :)

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                    I looked at the texture and color again and it does look like a sand castle. I prefer pound cake but I know others who think pound cakes are too dense and rich. I have quite a few pound cake recipes but really like this one:


                    I like this bundt cake (whole milk makes a difference);


                    It's kind of a mix between pound cake and regular. I don't follow the directions, though. I do the regular cake way--beat sugar w/ butter until fluffy, slowly add eggs, vanilla. Mix dry ingredients on one bowl, sour cream and milk in another. Add 1/3 dry, mix. Add 1/2 liquid, mix. Add 1/3 dry, mix. Remaining liquid, mix. Add dry, mix.

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                      thank you thank you. birthday's not till june. but will probably do a test run and let know. not everything comes cleanly out of turrets! I think I will sprinkle with raw/brown sugar mixed for sand - little on the castle, lot around. it's for kids so vanilla might actually be good. once cut they could chocolate up with icecream if necessary... :)

                      by the way - i (and my little ones) LOVE pound cake!

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                        okay i got so busy i never tested and now the party's tomorrow. have to bake tonight. anyway do either of the pound cakes not get too dark on the crust? i'm nervous about the look and about coming out of the pan. thank goodness these are people who will smile and enjoy anyway if it doesn't look all martha stewart-y but... i'd still love it if it did! oh and there are enough people. 25 that i'm afraid it won't be enough so i was thinking about setting it on a sheet cake to look like more sand maybe some icing water - i'm ALWAYS up all night before a party so what's a little baking right?
                        anyway i thought i'd do that chocolate for those who don't want pound cake - iced with light cocoa colored icing and sprinkled with turbinado sugar it should still look like sand right? any suggestions for a sturdy but yummy chocolate cake? THANKS!

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                          Going by memory, I think the vanilla breakfast cake has the lightest colored crust. The pound cake from epicurious is definitely darker. As light cocoa icing goes for sand, how about doing a peanut butter frosting (as long as there are no allergies?) on chocolate cake? This recipe for the elvis cake has a good pb frosting. I usually replace half the butter with cream cheese. It would be more sand colored than light cocoa. Actually, the elvis cake would be great--it's very sturdy, too. And, you could use toasted coconuts on top for sand. If you have your heart set on chocolate, since you're short on time, my quick go-to cake is Hershey's black magic cake. I can have it ready for the oven by the time it's preheated (10 minutes). You can do it in a 9x13 pan.



                          The Hershey cake is good and sturdy. I've doubled the recipe, made two bundt pans, and topped one with the other to make a pumpkin shape with no problems.

                          1. re: chowser

                            thanks! the peanut butter icing is a great idea. i can't wait to try the elvis cake (i meant to send one to my brother for his birthday but forgot since he had just had a baby and i was all into that) but this is too picky a crowd. 14 kids and 11 adults! a 2 year old bday party. vanilla and chocolate is probably safe. frankly no one will appreciate that it isn't box mix to be honest. last year i did a caterpillar of special dark cocoa mix (whatever recipe is on the box) and brightly dyed buttercream cupcakes for the first birthday. this is all for me really! :) to get a chance to try it!
                            was thinking just the regular hershey's cocoa mix cake. the black magic one sounds great but have you soured your own milk ever? i'm short on fridge space and trying not to go back to the store. have everything but buttermilk... :)

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                    Most pound cakes taste better the day after baking when the flavors get a chance to meld. Just an FYI

                    1. re: Calipoutine

                      thanks - making now for party tomorrow night!

                      1. re: AMFM

                        well - it's done. the pb icing was GENIUS. really looks like sand. used natural pb since it's what i had and it gave it nice flecks but it is a slightly weird consistency. tastes fabulous with the turbinado sugar sprinkled on it. weirdly not too sweet at all. haven't tried the cakes yet - those are for tomorrow. the overall construction is sloppy -the castle would've looked much better on it's own. with baker's joy and then the turbinado in the ban pre-batter it came out nicely and does look kind of sand castle-y but the overall look is VERY homemade. nothing martha-ish here. i hope my kids think it's cool in the am. otherwise i'll be disappointed. i think it should taste good though. and i had great fun doing it!

                        1. re: AMFM

                          It sounds great and a sancastle cake should look home made and not perfect! I'll bet it looks great but I've found the problem w/ things like that is you have a mental image of it and the real one doesn't look like the mental image. But, no one else has an expectation so it looks great to them. BTW, I have used powdered buttermilk and milk and vinegar for the cake and they work fine, for future reference.

                          1. re: chowser

                            it went over well. both tasted good. the chocolate/pb combo was really great. the vanilla cake was good but did seem breakfast-y (guess i was warned by the name). will be great in the am with coffee though. the kids thought it was gorgeous! :)

                            1. re: AMFM

                              thought i attached a photo. will try again.

                              edit - AAAAAAHHHHHH! nevermind.

            2. I often bake one of my bundt cake receipes in 2 layer pans with great results. The springform pan should be just fine.

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              1. My sour cream pound cake recipe calls for a large bundt pan or 2 loaf pans. The bundt pan takes 75-90 min and the loaf pans about 60 min. Volume wise should work. If you want insurance, pour water into bundt pan and measure volume. Then measure water volume in loaf pan. It's all about the math!