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Ramps?? Am I too late?

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I've got a serious craving. I read a posting saying they were at the SLM north market - but that was in April. Can I get them anywhere else? Or have I missed the boat on these bad boys this year?

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  1. Found some at Whole Foods (Hazelton Lanes) for 2.99 a bunch.

    Also saw some at Organics on Bloor.

    1. I bought some at Harvest Wagon a few days ago.

      1. Saw them last week at the SLM. Going again tonight so I'll update you.

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          oh yes please and please tell me where exactly. I can head over there tomorrow :)

        2. I pulled some a week and a half ago and the bulbs were not quite there but the leaves were fine. I haven't had a chance to get more but suspect that they're just now coming into their own.

          The first asparagus should be on now too.

          1. I found them at SLM today - downstairs in a bucket - 1.99 per bunch - a little tired looking but I think they will do the trick. thanks!!

            ooh and the fiddleheads look divine!

            1. If anyone else is looking for ramps, I just got back from SLM and they had some in a couple of the produce shops upstairs at the north end (near the entrance). I picked up two bunches and they look pretty good. I also got some Ontario fiddleheads and rhubarb. It's great to have some fresh, local produce again after such a long winter!

              1. bought some today at cheese boutique.....

                1. i bought some a week ago at youngs produce at royal york and bloor. 1.99 a bunch!!!

                  1. They were available at The Riverdale Farmer's Market today. Also fiddleheads, rhubarb, asparagus and morels.

                    1. As DrewStar said, Riverdale yesterday. Many of the same suppliers there also appear at Dufferin Grove and The Brick Works, so at either of those locations, who might hit pay dirt. Best of luck!

                      1. Got some today at Dufferin Grove.

                        1. I bought some from the St. Lawrence Farmers' Market early today for $2.50 a bunch. They were in better shape two weeks ago when the leaves weren't as bruised and/or wilted. However, the bulbs are much bigger today.