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May 7, 2008 04:22 PM

Hungry Cat no longer good?

Visiting LA first week and June and going to the Improv festival; planned to eat at Hungry Cat beforehand due to location and random google reviews left me unimpressed! Am coming from Baltimore, and loved the MD coast influence but can't stand to travel so many miles and have a horrible meal our first night in Hollywood! Let me know what's up. If not there, I'm not too familiar with what "part of town" Hollywood & Vine is considered so a suggestion would be great. Thanks!!

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  1. Well, the part of town is Hollywood. And my GF and I just went there a couple weeks ago and had a great time. Sit at the bar for the best experience. We don't eat seafood, but Chowhounders generally seem to agree that its quality remains top-notch.

    1. Hungry Cat is still great, but if you're coming from the East Coast, I'd say go hit up something you probably can't get at home: Ruen Pair or Jitlada, just a few blocks east in Thai Town!

      1. Hungry Cat is one of my favorites. My last visit was about 7 or 8 weeks ago, and I noticed nothing amiss. I highly recommend their cocktails, pug burger, raw platters, and the kampachi tartare. The market salad, which is a restrained composition of lettuce, shallots, egg, avocado and pecorino romano, is also inordinately delicious.

        1. First a disclaimer: I used to live very close by and ate at the Hungry Cat at least once a week. One of a few things to note: their menu changes regularly, so what one person ate (and possibly didn't like) might not be on the menu anymore. In fact, the last time I was there, the lobster roll wasn't available for dinner.

          Secondly, it tends to be a victim of online hype. Yes, it's good, but is it earth-shatteringly call-your-mother good? In my mind, yes, but I think it's better to consider it very good and then temper your expectations accordingly. The quality is top-notch and the execution is spot on, so I feel confident in recommending Hungry Cat, but if you take in the context of a neighborhood joint (which it originally intended to be) then you'll be less apt to compare it to the Providences and Spagos of the world.

          I think if you're traveling from BWI, the Hungry Cat offers a great layover point in that you might be able to find Rappahannock oysters in a Hollywood setting.

          Moreover, Rameniac has a great suggestion given your proximity to Thai Town. I suggest walking in and asking about the evening's drink and food specials and looking at the menu. If it isn't your scene, then by all means, head eastward towards Jitlada.

          1. hungry cat is great. a bit pricey..but so delish. try the seafood cobb and you will keep going back.