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May 7, 2008 03:26 PM

New restaurant in Sputnik location?

Would anyone know if anything new took over this space in Crownsville?
Aside from being a great little place to dine, one of their best features was dining in the backyard....Would love to know if something has moved in since....Just don't live near enough to drop by.....

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  1. If anyone has their flourless chocolate cake recipe too, I would also be interested in that information, too. Oh man that was good.

    1. It's called Lures and they opened yesterday- not advertising yet. They've painted the space in cool blues and greens and added bamboo floors. You can still dine outside. The menu is small and not very ambitious (seared tuna, steaks, salads). I thought the prices were reasonable. The bar has a decent microbrew selection (including Brewer's Art Ressurection Ale). We enjoyed ourselves- it had a comfortable neighborhood vibe.

      1. My wife and I ate there last night for the first time and enjoyed it. They are still working out some kinks in the food and service but I am patient enough to let them work through the problems. The menu is modest, as BlieveHon says, and I hope it expands a bit. The new owners have changed the old Sputnik space considerably (and for the better), though the interior is stark and kinda cold. All in all, it is a welcome addition to the area.

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          hmmmm- well, I'll wait it out and see what more is said. It had been a special occasion spot for me, and was always nice to sit on a quiet patio having dinner. With a name like Lures, I'd like to think there'd be a greater nod to seafood than whats mentioned, and can only hope that the menu expands, before making the trek....

        2. Does anyone know if it is open for lunch?