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May 7, 2008 03:24 PM

Who has the Best peanut Sauce?

I am a peanut sauce lover and I am trying to find the best one in a store or restaurant in Boston metro area.

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  1. The best Thai peanut sauce I've ever had is at Erawan of Siam in Waltham. If they sold it by the bottle, I think I would end up finish eating it with a spoon before I ever got around to cooking with it.

    1. I don't know if it is the best, but the Peanut Sauce that comes with the Chicken Rama Garden at the King & I on Charles St. makes the dish SO GOOD!

      1. I no longer get down to that area, but when I used to go to Green Papaya in Waltham, I would ask to buy a 16-oz container of their peanut sauce, keeping it in the freezer between binges.

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        1. re: greygarious

          I had Green Papaya take-out a couple of weeks ago, and was pleasantly surprised. We had shrimp massaman curry and green curry tofu. Much better than it was a few years ago.

          Are you referring to the peanut sauce that comes with the satay (which I did not try?). I'll have to remember that, since it is very convenient for me.

          1. re: bear

            Yes, the satay. It's probably been 5 years - at the time, they charged $3.95 for the pint container. If the entrees are that good, I must get back there!

        2. This hound's vote goes to Pho 88 on the Lowell/Chelmsford line near Drum Hill. Someone is always slapping my hand as I sneak out the well coated slivers of fresh carrot garnish with my chopsticks...

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          1. re: rubysdad

            I second Pho 88's, and I can top that story... I've been known to drink the remaining sauce!

            1. re: mjg0725

              I went to Pho 88 for the first time yesterday - their peanut sauce is strong on sesame, like the sauce common on Cold Sesame Noodles served at Chinese restaurants. Personally, I prefer the somewhat thicker, stronger-on-coconut sauce at Green Papaya.

              1. re: greygarious

                Thought I should update this post, having gone to Green Papaya today for the first time in several years. My meal was fine, but the peanut sauce is now completely different than before and much thinner. I didn't DISlike it, but it didn't appeal to me enough to get extra as takeout.

          2. Best I've had is at Amarin in Newton corner. I haven't been to Amarin in a while though so I'm not sure if anything has changed. The other thread about Jamjuli going downhill has me worried since they share (or at least used to) ownership.