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May 7, 2008 03:21 PM

Lunch near MOMA under $15?

I'm on a tight budget and would like to have a decent lunch near MOMA for under $15. Does that sound possible at the MOMA cafe or are La Bonne Soupe or a street cart better options? TIA

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  1. You are near the best street cart in Manhattan, imo, Hallo Berlin. For $9 you get the dictator's special. Two wurst with the works, curry sauce, cabbage, potatoes, onion and bread. This also comes with soup. Hallo Berlin makes awesome soup. No one ever talks about it but I love the soup.

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      The Hallo Berlin cart sounds great but where is it? Is there a place nearby to sit down and eat? Is it there during the week?

      1. re: efdee

        NW corner of 54th and 5th. It's there all week. You can eat standing up at the cart or you can take the food to Paley Park on 53rd btwn 5th and Madison.

    2. I'd go for La Bonne Soupe, though, I think their soup meal might be just over your price limit--$16 or 17. Very filling, though; a good deal for the money. There's a Baluchi's on 56th btwn B'way and 8th, where you might be able to swing under $15 and still get a sit down meal. LBS is much, much better, IMHO, though.

      1. If you like Japanese (ramen, tonkatsu, and that kind of thing), you could try Sapporo at 152 W 49th St. It's dirt cheap and reasonably good.

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          sapporo is great and a great deal. the soups and noodles are the main draw and among the best around, but the gyoza with rice is a great deal for under ten bucks. you can grab a beer too if the mood strikes

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            I agree about Sapporo. Great yakisoba.

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            I think both Menchanko-Tei and Menkui-Tei are better and closer.

          3. do you mean the cafe inside the MOMA? If so, nothing to write home about. I'd rather go to La Bonne Soupe (although w/tax, tip, etc., it might be slightly above your budget), Menchanko Tei, or Burger Joint.

            1. I actually enjoy the quasi-cafeteria on the 2nd floor of MoMA. Very acceptable food (Danny Meyer run, I believe) and pleasant enough surroundings for the money. If you're careful you could eat for under $15. You could skip the drink since they actually have a water station, I think. I think there may be a 10% or so service charge on your bill so just keep that in mind. Portions aren't huge, though, and I'm a fairly light eater, just to put things in perspective.

              I work in the neighborhood and unfortunately it's slim pickings. There is some sort of deli down the block towards Fifth Avenue. If it's not on W 53rd then it's on W 52nd. Nothing exceptional - kind of like a Europan operation, but not. You can sit down at least.

              Oh, there's Remi on the Go which is kind of between buildings between 6th and 7th and between 53rd and 54th, I think. I walked by it the other day but haven't visited yet. That would be your best bet!



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                2nd the rec for remi's to go. also fresco to go on 52nd bet park and mad. dishes on park and 52nd. my fave for sit down served or to go would be certe on 53rd (?).