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Sunday in Florence

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Anyone have any restaurant recommendations for Florence on Sundays or Mondays? It seems most are closed. I'll only be there for two days. Thanks.

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  1. Check out my "Florence Report December 2007 - long, but ..." post on this board for write-ups on several restaurants, of which some are open on Sunday. Vini e Vecchi Sapori appears to be open Sunday, but only for lunch from 12 noon to 2:30PM. Il Pallotino was one we ate in on a Sunday, also at lunch. Others in that area which are open Sundays are Alle Murate and its "sister" restaurant Osteria del Caffe Italiano. The latter 2 will be more expensive than the first 2, but they serve good quality dishes; the first 2 offer what I would call good home cooking.

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      There are actually quite a lot of places open on Sunday's, however the restaurants tend to be pretty crowded. Try Omero which is a bit outside the city but very good.

    2. Had a great meal on a Monday at I Ghibellini (Piazza Di S. Pier Maggiore, 8). Very reasonable, casual, lots of locals, friendly service. So good we went back! Not sure if they are opened on Sunday, but would guess they are.

      1. Thanks so much. I'll investigate these further this weekend and post any questions that come up. These choices look fantastic.

        1. Il Guscio was the scene of two of my best meals on a trip a few years ago; I remember that they are closed one weeknight (not Monday) so you might check to see about Sunday opening. Like many of my other favorites, they are located on the south side of the Arno.

          1. You might check out Open Bar which is right by the Ponte Vecchio Bridge (a must see). We had a great, great lunch there last fall.

            1. When we were there in 03, I believe we ate at Dino (Via Ghiabellina) on a Sunday. They had very good Tuscan dishes for a reasonable price, and the interiors were minimalist but strikingly attractive.

              1. We want to eat at a quick, hole-in-the-wall lunch type place like I Fratellini, but seems like they are closed on Sundays too. Any recommendations for something similar that would be open for lunch? Thanks!

                1. It is very tricky when so many places are closed: I know that Vini e Vecchi Sapori is definitely open for lunch, as is La Posta, on the via Pelliceria. I have been to Trattoria al Trebbio on a Sunday evening, Paoli's (which I hated!) and Quattro Leone (which I was not impressed with contrary to everybody else on Chowhound) - there are a number of places round the Piazza santa Spirito that are open.....have a super time

                  1. I believe that Il Santo Bevitore is open on Mondays (and possibly Sundays; check with them). www.ilsantobevitore.com
                    We had a marvelous meal there: lamb stew on risotto, very good salumi & cheeses. Noisy but atmospheric.

                    For something simple, Coquinarius (15r Via delle Oche) is open on Mondays. Pear & Pecorino ravioli is good, as are some of the crostoni.