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Best brunch in Cambridge?


I'm going to Boston over Memorial Day weekend and we are staying at the Meridien in Cambridge. Can someone recommend a great Sunday brunch place in Cambridge (walking distance, but we can probably walk up to a mile)? Am open to a more unusual type of brunch, don't want to go to a diner and get scrambled eggs and bacon (though I love that on occasion), although would like the food to have at least a few breakfast-y elements. Am pretty open price-wise but wouldn't want to spend $50 pp at brunch since we're going to both Clio and L'Espalier for dinner. Also, would like somewhere that starts brunch before 11:30 if possible.

I should probably also add, in response to the person below, that it not be a buffet as we are going to L'Espalier that night and I don't think I have enough self-control not to overindulge at a good buffet, though Henrietta's does sound good.


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  1. Henrietta's Table in Harvard Square. One of the best brunches in the Boston area. $42/person (it's not $50!). About a 1.5-mile walk from the Meridien. Also easily accessible on the Red Line. Reservations essential.

    1. I realize you didn't want a buffet, but the Blue Room I think qualifies as a great brunch place - incredibly broad range of food, very tasty, not hyper expensive, and Sunday brunch starts at 11 am. And it's under half a mile away from the Meridien.

      Blue Room
      1 Kendall Sq, Cambridge, MA

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        Just went there (Blue Room) last week for brunch, and it was great. I was worried about over-indulgence as well, having just eaten at La Campania the night before, but managed to control myself.

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          I recently had The Blue Room's brunch. I think it's $23. A really nice mix of breakfast and lunch dishes (thus, "brunch"). My favs were the tamarind glazed ribs and grilled salmon w/ fennel. There was a good Mexican chocolate bread pudding-ish thing, along with a dozen other desserts. Indeed it is a buffet, so it may be hard to hold back.

          It sounds like you're thinking slightly upscale, which is why The Blue Room sounds about right. A more offbeat recommendation would be Mary Chung's, a pretty cheap Chinese place right around where you're staying. They have decent XLB, I like their "Grandma's Pie" (sort of a meat-filled scallion pancake), and you can get a nice mix of northern (lion head meatballs) and Sichuan (suan la chow shou wontons).

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            Argh, I really wanted a non-buffet but I went to the Blue Room's website and it looked so tasty and inexpensive (for a nice buffet) that I just couldn't help myself. So I booked the 11am seating there and moved L'Espalier back to 8 so that hopefully we can get hungry again in that time. Am also hoping to try B-Side on Saturday; can't believe there are so many good brunch places in Cambridge!

        2. Henrietta's and Blue Room are both great, but they are absolutely buffets and are rather expensive (Blue Room is in the thirty range, as I recall). I have really enjoyed brunches at Ole and East Coast Grill, both in Inman Square. They are both fairly upscale at dinner but brunch is menu-based and I think entrees run around $15 or less, so you can easily control your intake after what will be two wonderful, filling dinners. ECG opens at 11, Ole at 10:30.

          1. Dante at the Royal Sonesta Hotel (across from the Cambridgeside Galleria) does a two course + breakfast pastries for $20. They have both breakfast and lunch fair. You can take a look at the menu here: http://www.restaurantdante.com/brunch....

            When I went a few months ago I had the spaghetti and the frittata both of which were very good. I've also had the lombatello which was good. The pastries were yummy, the service attentive, and the view of the Boston skyline quite lovely.

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              I have to say- Dante is first on my list of places for brunch! I went to dinner there a few months ago and was blown away by their quality- and I have to say- their cauliflower bisque was absolute heaven. I would strongly recommend Dante..

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                But how is their brunch? Have you tried it? Lots of places do a great dinner but terrible brunch.

            2. Harvest, which has a nice enclosed patio, or Upstairs on the Square

              1. The B-Side serves a tasty brunch. My faves are the sweet potato biscuits and gravy, and the chipotle grits-YUM!

                B-Side Lounge
                92 Hampshire St, Cambridge, MA 02139

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                  Forgot about those biscuits. Also, Miracle of Science serves brunch til 1PM and starts pretty early. I'm not sure where Le Meridien in Cambridge is, did it take the place of something else I assume? MoS isn't too fancy (which you'll need in between Clio and L'Esp) but their food is pretty good.

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                    Agree that brunch at the Miracle of Science is casual and the menu less than exotic. It should be noted, however, that their bloody marys are quite possibly the best in the universe. Viscous (in a good way), spicy, and large - served in a pint glass and garnished with cucumber slices and lemon and lime wedges. Personally, I'd take one (or two) of these gems any day over anything resulting from the East Coast Grill bloody mary bar. To each his own, but I go out for brunch to relax and leave the work to professionals!

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                      The Meridien is the former Hotel@MIT, directly across the street from Miracle of Science.

                  2. I go to East Coast grill for brunch at least twice a month. It's my favorite brunch in Cambridge. Make your own bloody mary bar is fantastic. Plenty of variety. I also go to Ole a lot for some of their great guacamole. I find Ole is heavy on the egg items though, and doesn't have a lot to choose from without.

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                      Doesn't Ryles do a jazz brunch or something? never been there, just faintly recall that..

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                        I love ECG for brunch. The bloody mary bar is great as well as the raw bar. They had stone crabs recently. It's so casual and the waitstaff is very easy going. The fish tacos and the breakfast platter are really good, so are the grits.