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May 7, 2008 02:45 PM

New Foodie Openings in LA?

Alright, I'm bored with discussing the same old dishes from the same old hot spots. For those of you in the know, and I know you're out there, what are this spring & summers's new restaurant openings that we should be looking out for? Who's likely to be the next Mozza, or doomed to be the next Abode? Can anyone fill LA's mid-priced bistro gap?

Cafe R&D?

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  1. I'm most excited for Anisette and Josef Centano's new place in Echo Park, Lot 1 (has anyone been yet??). I'm only excited for Cafe R&D to the extent that there will finally be somewhere on Montana with a full liquor license again.

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    1. re: mollyomormon

      i can't wait for Lot 1 to open. will have to drop in on a tues for the tasting menu! mmm!

      1. Well, these are the 2008 openings I'm looking forward to, brasserie or not:

        Gordon Ramsay--got my reservation, speaking of which, I got on their email list really early on, but apparently that was some sort of joke since they never contacted me about their change in opening schedule and that they were taking reservations.
        Coles, the re-make
        Casa--yeesh lot 1 now

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        1. re: slacker

          Thanks! Any word on the new Seven downtown?

          1. re: ElJeffe

            There was an earlier posting asking about Seven. I haven't been yet, somehow not really high on my list.

        2. I'm going to the opening of Gordon Ramsay's restaurant (woohoo! I've visited several of his places in London)... but I'm very curious to see how Palate Food & Wine in Glendale turns out. Octavio Becerra (Patina alum) is involved... and his food is v-e-r-y tasty!

          I'm also on the "contact list" for Anisette... but I don't trust those lists... it seems that they never actually get around to "contacting" the people on them...

          The Cafe R&D in Newport Beach is nice, but nothing to write home about.

          My 10 cents (inflation, ya know...)

          1. Sadly, only Anisette. Also I've not been to Father's Office 2. Less celebrated, I guess, are Delancey and Yakitori Bincho. I'd also be curious how Bastide turns out with the new chef, because for $100 the Manzke menu was brilliant.

            Personally, I'm eager to make more excursions into the SGV, namely Dumpling 10053.

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            1. re: SauceSupreme

              Dumpling 10053 is my fav for dumplings. Great dumplings and love all the variety they offer. Their beef stew noodle soup is eh.
              Also really like FO2, been there twice.

              Bastide: my dinner at Providence last year was by Paul Shoemaker. Cimurusti was on vacation. We did the 9 course tm, I wasn't blown away by that pricey meal. The scallop was overcooked, the duck was eh, the fish was eh.

              Back to Lot 1: has anyone been there yet, or been able to speak with anyone on the phone? It just rings and rings and an answering machine comes on finally. Left a message, no return call. What is up.

            2. Palate Food and Wine in Glendale will be rockin' it I think. They just opened. Octavio Becerra. and, I think that Gordon Ramsay's place somewhere in West Hollywood is due soon too.

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              1. re: FoodKitCat

                Is Palate a wine bar with food or more of a restaurant?

                1. re: ElJeffe

                  it will be both. went to a test dinner on wednesday. solid. the asparagus with the fried egg, the hen of the woods mushroom dish were standouts. potted meats were very unique. pickled cippolinis, cheese plate, 76% chocolate pudding all good. they make their own lardo and butter. both killer. the wine bar and store will be coming up by the end of may.