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May 7, 2008 02:40 PM

Green Valley & Samiramis, Edgware road, London

• Green Valley
Much praise already. For a falafel that wasn't fresh from the fryer, this was good -- fragrantly flavoured fava. Good but not outstanding kibbeh, nicely spiced. Couldn't find the ice cream, have to look more closely next time, but got away with a baklava triangle fille with a billowing cloud of cream and rose. Filo wasn't as drily articulated as I would have liked, but the cream, dotted with pistacchio more than compensated for it. Also got a tiny semolina cake that was great. Going back soon.

• Semiramis
A decent pistacchio ice cream, lots of coarsely ground pistacchio and a chewy texture to the ice cream.

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  1. If you like turkish style ice cream then go for it, but if you like baklava, semiramis is in my view the best in london (ok its twice the price of most places, but its still cheaper than the outfit in borough market which is the only pretender to the throne). My tip- I like the guys at the edgware rd store and they deserve as much business as possible, but..., if your having a big party and want a load of baklava its cheaper to order it direct from Iran. Best baklava in London, no doubt.

    1. puhleeze try the lahme bajin (meat pizza made fresh at the back of the store). also the olives.
      also osmallieh, the vermicelli clotted cream sandwich. and the ice creams are to the right of the sweet stands, try the ashta (clotted cream again).

      good source for labneh, halloumi cheese and cheap olive oil. one of my favourite breakfasts is to toast some thick sourdough bread, slather on labneh, sprinkle zatar and then drizzle with oil oil.

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        Will go back to both places to try more. Thanks both to howler and Iestyn Morgan.

        1. re: howler

          Hey thanks for the lahme bajin rec -- very good, lots of lamb, but still very balanced. Going back for the rest on the next trip (spreading them out).

          1. re: limster

            i wish i had your eloquence - thats exactly right. try out the date maamouls from the sweet section with your coffee ... a more perfect marriage than bacon and eggs.