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May 7, 2008 02:31 PM

Restaurants in Fanwood?

My 92 year old very dear father-in-law is about to move into an independent living apartment in Fanwood. I'd really appreciate it if you could recommend all types of good restaurants in the immediate area.

We'll be going up there to take him out for Father's Day and he still is very active and likes to dine out.

Anything from diners to Chinese, deli,etc. Thank you for your help! He wouldn't like sushi, but a great steak or traditional Chinese would be a big hit.

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  1. Jade bording Scotch Plains...
    Chen's mountainside....

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    1. re: robertjsweet

      Thank you! Any other places like a deli or diner in Fanwood or very close by that is good?

    2. Not much in Fanwood itself, which has very few shops. If you go west on South Avenue, just past the A&P is Sun Tavern, which in addition to a sports bar, has a restaurant area. Haven't been there in a while, but I'd stick to basics. Continue west, you're in Plainfield, where there is Freshwater's (Southern/soul), Giovanna's (Italian), and Cafe Vivace (ditto). On the same strip is a bakery (Sweet Lou's) and a very good fresh fruit and veggie market (Times Market). Nothing beyond there.

      If you go up Martine Avenue toward Scotch Plains, where it becomes Park Avenue, there is a small byo place called 503 Park which has gotten good writeups from posters here. There is also the Stage House, which seems to be in flux.

      The Blue Star Shopping Center has the area's Shop Rite, as well as an Old Country Buffet restaurant (I know, its a chain and most of the food is terrible, but the fried chicken is really good). Also a TGI Fridays, for what it's worth. Across the road, on the eastbound side, is the Scotchwood Diner.

      A bit of a drive, but Wonder Seafood on Route 27 near Talmadge Road in Edison is an incredible Hong Kong-style seafood place with excellent dim sum.

      Finally, there is Snuffy's Steakhouse on Park and Rt 22. There is a long thread on this board from about a year ago about Snuffy's that has some very funny posts. That said, my mother--who is in assisted living, but still knows good food from bad--went there for lunch and said she had a good steak there. Who knew.

      Good luck.


      If you go east on South Avenue for 2 or 3 miles, you will be in Westfield, where there are lots of choices--search this board for recs and pans there (my current favorite is 16 Prospect).

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      1. re: albinoni

        Thinking of a deli, is Larry's Kosher Deli still on South Ave. near Giovanna's? Haven't been there in years. We have been to Scotchwood Diner several times, with the last visit suffering from terrible service as well as merely average diner food. When I have had to go there, service has always been better in a booth than at a table in the dining room.

        1. re: jfr

          Sadly for all of us, Larry's Deli closed.

        2. re: albinoni

          Neighborhood Joints in Fanwood NJ:

          On Martine Avenue, there is an excellent and quaint ice cream parlor - the Double Dipper Cafe - that serves lunches and soups as well as desserts.

          Not that any of these three would will win awards for decor, but for the record, there is a decent deli - Panettones - with tables on Martine Ave in Fanwood. There is a very good bagel place - Fanwood Bagels and Deli - with tables, packed with locals each morning having breakfast. Around the corner on South Ave is South Street Cafe Pizza & Pasta.

        3. Thank you so much. That was really helpful. We live in another state and have not been to Fanwood, yet. Thanks again.

          1. Charlie Brown's, a casual family chain is not far - on the other side of the tracks on North Ave, and about 1/2 mile to toward Westfield. Not a fine steakhouse, but you can get a ok steak or burger there, reasonably priced. Completely

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            1. re: potter

              I'll second the vote for Charlie Brown's. The food is good and they have a very nice salad bar. Beware though that there are incredible waits on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Before you leave your house, call them and have them put your name on the waiting list, that way you have less of a wait when you get there. i hope your father in law does well there, my mother moved into a seniors apartment complex in Westfield and loves it (also from out of state). Make sure he finds out about the transportation afforded to seniors so that they don't have to drive.

            2. I have not been here in years, but what about the Scotchwood Diner on Rt. 22? Or...don't kill me anyone for suggesting this place.....Snuffy's? Older people seem to flock to this place and LOVE it!!

              Have a nice time

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              1. re: Angelina

                Of all the diners in the area I think the Scotchwood is the worst, so I wouldnt recommend that place to anyone.

                  1. re: jrd303

                    I grew up around diners, and I'm not sure if my appreciation of them is based on consumption or memories, but in my mind, on any given day, nothing beats a diner breakfast or 10 p.m. (it used to be 2 a.m.) meal. Whether it's a florentine omelet with all the acoutremernts or a great bacon cheeseburger. Now to answer the previous question, In this area I think that the Union Diner on Rt.22 is the best in the area.