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May 7, 2008 02:24 PM

wedding reception in palm beach

i am looking for a venue to have a nice wedding reception in palm beach. i want a place that has fantastic food to go along w a nice decor. i am thinking about either

The Breakers or

CAFÉ BOULUD at the Brazilian Court Hotel

Any suggestions? how is the food at these places? anyone been to a wedding there? i live in NY so it is not easy for me to visit for a couple months. help is appreciated!!!!

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  1. the sondy house in del ray 9s possibly the most beautiful place in florida. i have 1idaughter and she was married there. waterfalls gazebos and lush tropical plants fine food and service.

    1. Go up to the "Florida - Search this Board" link and type in

      sundy delray

      and you'll find plenty o' links and comments on Sundy House.

      1. The food is terrific at the Breakers, Cafe Boulud, and Sundy House. You didn't mention what month your wedding will be (or how many guests)....Sundy House is very pretty for an outdoor reception; but not in the hot summer months. Also, Sundy House is probably the smallest venue of the 3 mentioned; but their honeymoon suite is charming yet funky and lots of fun. The cost of a wedding at the Breakers will be significantly higher than the others; but you will have a large venue with a lovely ocean view if you want it from within. The staff would work with you on menu and all details and of course, your guests could stay at the renowned hotel for a small fortune. Cafe Boulud is less formal than the Breakers, also pricey, and also fine food. I would say that the ambiance at the Brazilian Court is the least desirable of the 3 places mentioned. Sort of a dark although comfortable interior; although they also have patio dining. They, too, would be pricey. If it makes any difference to you, the Brazilian Court is not on the ocean and is inland on the Island. I've dined at all three venues several times; but have only been to an affair at the Breakers which was handled beautifully for a friend of mine. Good luck with the upcoming nuptials.

        1. i didn't look into the Sondy House, but i think Delray may be a bit far from the airport... most of the guests will be flying in from NY so i want to make it as easy as possible. We are thinking of having it in April with 80-100 people. since it will be small, i dont mind paying more per person. i love daniel boulud, which is why i thought of the Brazilian Court. The breakers is pricey, but i remember it being really beautiful. i just hope its not a total cookie-cutter type event.

          1. I have been to a wedding at the Breakers. It had THE BEST food out of any wedding I ever went to. The cocktail hour had amazing hors d'oevures, my favorite was a mini lobster roll. We had filet mignon for dinner, it was tender and had great flavor. The service was impeccable. The reception was at the beach club I think...It was an indoor venue with windows overlooking the pool and accomodated about 150 or so. It's hard to pull off great food for a catered event, but they did it.

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              it would also have to depend on the size of the group. If it is smaller (under 125 people) I would do the Brazilian Court. Breakers gets a little convention like as it is a big facility. But if you are having a larger wedding, then it might be best for the Breakers. I have never been to a reception at either but if I had to choose for my wedding, it would be the Court. More intimate and I would pick the caterer of my likings if it wasn't an onsite catering from the hotels.