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May 7, 2008 02:23 PM

Mushroom tasting menu?

Is there one somewhere in Boston? Am having this debate with a pal and trying to remember where I read about (or saw on a menu) one...

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  1. not a tasting menu but at KO they have a large list of a variety of Mushrooms as side dishes. Then again that was 6 months ago.
    If you find one PLEASE let us know where

    1. Most steakhouses will have mushie sides, morrels are in season, worth the hunt.

      1. Harvest did a 5 course mushroom dinner a couple of years ago, with Benjamion Malaison (sp?) giving a lecture. you might check and see if they're doing anything like that now...

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          Those maple tasting ones I found particularly intriguing, but can't remember what they were called.

        2. The Boston Mycological Club (the oldest in the US) does two dinners a year--one is potluck and the other at a restaurant (lately it's been Flora in Arlington). Check their website if this is of interest.

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            Well you learn something new every day. I had never even heard of the concept of a mycological club before, let alone of Ye Olde Mycological Club of Boston. Very nifty. Here's the link to their website:


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              Just a note: the Boston Mycological Club offers classes in mushroom identification, a series of walks led by experts during the growing season (June-October), lectures during the winter, a spring potluck and a fall banquet. You do need to be a member to attend the dinners, however.

          2. I'm also interested to know the answer. Please report back if you find out anything.