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Mushroom tasting menu?

Is there one somewhere in Boston? Am having this debate with a pal and trying to remember where I read about (or saw on a menu) one...

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  1. not a tasting menu but at KO they have a large list of a variety of Mushrooms as side dishes. Then again that was 6 months ago.
    If you find one PLEASE let us know where

    1. Most steakhouses will have mushie sides, morrels are in season, worth the hunt.

      1. Harvest did a 5 course mushroom dinner a couple of years ago, with Benjamion Malaison (sp?) giving a lecture. you might check and see if they're doing anything like that now...

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          Those maple tasting ones I found particularly intriguing, but can't remember what they were called.

        2. The Boston Mycological Club (the oldest in the US) does two dinners a year--one is potluck and the other at a restaurant (lately it's been Flora in Arlington). Check their website if this is of interest.

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            Well you learn something new every day. I had never even heard of the concept of a mycological club before, let alone of Ye Olde Mycological Club of Boston. Very nifty. Here's the link to their website:


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              Just a note: the Boston Mycological Club offers classes in mushroom identification, a series of walks led by experts during the growing season (June-October), lectures during the winter, a spring potluck and a fall banquet. You do need to be a member to attend the dinners, however.

          2. I'm also interested to know the answer. Please report back if you find out anything.

            1. Was it Hamersley's by any chance? Their Winter vegetarian menu was heavy on mushroom dishes. They ae now into their Spring menu.

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                My sister had a two or three course mushroom menu at Hamersley's in March. I believe it included the mushroom open-faced sandwich often found on the regular menu. The entree was a mushroom (portobello perhaps?) wellington which she loved. Possibly also a soup - hard to recall, as I'm not the biggest mushroom fan. She was very happy though, cleaned her plates!

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                  Ah, yes! I think it WAS Hamersley's this winter. But you're right, Heathermb, it was just 2 or 3 courses. I would love to find a more elaborate one... will keep an eye out. Thanks for the myco info, too- very cool!

                2. I seem to remember that a few years back Daniel Bruce at the Boston Harbour Hotel did a combination of mushroom hunting at some of his favorite New Hapshire hunting spots during the day then heading back to the BHH and enjoying an all mushroom tasting with that day's bounty.