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May 7, 2008 02:04 PM

Seeking recommendations for dim sum in Flushing

So, instead of the usual Mother's Day brunches and mimosas, I think I might ask the family to take me to Flushing and hail me with dimsum. My son is a HUGE dimsim fan, so don't think it will be too hard to get him to go, but my husband is not.

I am looking for recommendations for dimsum joints where we might be able to order more "Americanized" things off of the menu for my not-so-adventurous husband, while my son and I quaff down chicken's feet. Well, maybe not chicken's feet, but clams for sure.

Any and all recommendations (as well as driving directions) would be much appreciated! Even ones that don't have menu items for the non dimsum eater like Craig-he'll deal, it's my day.


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  1. well since its a special day for you, maybe try getting in at the new spiffy spot Mulan. I've read it here on various posts and it seems like a cool place to sample some variations on a dim sum theme.
    including dessert dim sum?
    I walked into the new building that houses Mulan and checked out the exterior of the looked very slick. Which isn't always synonymous with good food (in fact, most of the time, quite the opposite) but the reviews here have been good.

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      Do you have Mulan's location? thx.

    2. hit ocean jewel, its generally nicer than the other dim sum places, they do have a regular menu and the dim sum is one of the best in flushing

      1. i have only been to two places in Flushing: Jade Asian and "Perfect Team Corporation". i had no love for PTC, but i thought Jade was awesome and delicious, with a wide range of dim-sum. i think you could definitely satisfy everyone's appetites there.

        also, there is a municipal parking lot across the street, where we easily parked (on a weekday), on a Sunday (esp. Mothers Day) it might be harder. depending on where you live and your access to the LIRR, the LIRR is a fast and painless way to get to the heart of Flushing's Chinatown and might be less stressful than trying to park there and navigating the area, even if you park and ride from a reasonably close station.

        here's the address yielded by google, which will also provide you with a map and driving directions (i typed "jade asian flushing")

        Jade Asian
        136-28 39th Ave
        Flushing, NY 11354
        (718) 762-8821