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May 7, 2008 01:28 PM

Traveling to the Perimeter area

I am traveling this June and staying at the Crowne Plaza near the perimeter mall.
I have been there before and have done Garrisons and Goldfish.
Is there someplace near here that I can go to get a taste of the local cuisine or something unique?
thanks in advance.

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  1. The new Alon's is right there.

    Also relatively nearby are:
    Frank Ma's
    5 Seasons Brewing
    E48th St Market
    Canton Cooks
    Pig n' Chik

    to name a few.

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    1. re: ted

      I would not reccomend 5 Seasons. It was mediocre and overpriced (sorry).
      Last night we tried Chef Rob's Caribbean on Roswell Rd and it was funky and delicious and certainly very unique!
      Oscar's Villa Capri in Dunwoody for AMAZING Italian (try the Grouper Piccata)
      For expensive (and probably worth it) Northern Italian, try La Grotta
      Chequers (not Checkers :) is great
      Old school (and expensive) steakhouse: McKendricks
      La Petite Maison on Roswell for French...try the smoked salmon appetizer, it's a work of art
      Search this forum for "Buford Highway" b/c you'll just be a short distance from the amazing array of ethnic places there, or just go to Penang (Malaysian)
      If, by local cuisine, you mean "Southern", I don't really consider that the local cuisine and I grew up here. However, for either southern food or barbecue, you'd probably want to venture into town (search this forum on either topic).

      1. re: martyparty

        No worries. I put a premium on house-made high quality beer. And I appreciate their emphasis on local/organic ingredients. That said, I occasionally have a debate over value with a beer-geek friend. So, I realize that there's a lot of subjective leeway there, and I tend to think of going there as a treat. I also hate to see how much their biz has suffered with Sembler's redevelopment of the Prado.