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May 7, 2008 01:19 PM

Will he die?

I work with a guy who brought a sandwich into the office on 4/12. It was from a grocery store and had been wrapped with the date on it. It has been in the fridge since 4/12 and the receptionist was just about to tell him she was tossing it. This afternoon she came running into my office and slammed the door and told me he was eating the sandwich! It was smoked turkey and swiss with at least lettuce from what she could see. Not sure about condiments. Assuming it was fresh when he bought it, it's almost three and a half weeks old. Wouldn't it have tasted off at the very least?

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  1. Hmm. DH frequently eats forgotten leftovers from our fridge that I would not touch with a ten foot pole. Never seems to bother him. That's a pretty old sandwich, though. It's quite possible he may experience some gastrointestinal discomfort later on tonight....

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      Guessing that he does this often, I would bet he doesn't. I worked with a guy who would put leftover pizza in another guy's mail slot...and that guy ate the pizza whenever he wandered over because he liked freebies. And he was fine.

    2. Wow. Your co-worker's an idiot. Luncheon meat goes bad within days of being sliced. It shouldn't be kept longer than 5-7 days refrigerated. Not to mention the condition of the lettuce. If he routinely eats the way you describe he's courting poisoning.

      1. I think he wanted a 4 day weekend. I can think of easier ways to go about it that eating an almost month old sandwich though. I make sure I finish off my lunchmeat within 3 days of it being sliced.

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          "I make sure I finish off my lunchmeat within 3 days of it being sliced."

          Me too.

        2. It almost had to have tasted bad. He must have been pretty darn hungry. I think some people believe that if something's wrapped up it won't go bad....

          1. For a moment I thought you were saying it was from 4 December (we write dates differently in Europe)! That's pretty disgusting - it must have tasted foul...