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May 7, 2008 12:59 PM

Food Processor vs. Mandoline

Hi all!
A few weeks ago, I bought an OXO mandoline whith the grand plan of making my own veggie chips. It's still sitting in the box however (busy schedule) and just yesterday I decided I really need a good size food processor.

So my question to you all is this: Should I return the mandoline? Is a food processor able to cut slices thin enough to make (oven baked) chips? How about french fries? I'm going to check them out at BB&B, but I'm pretty sure I'm going to get one of the 14-cup Cuisinarts (not sure which one, I can't really figure out the main differences between the $199, $299 and $349 models). Actually, if anyone has any input on that too, that'd be great!

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  1. Hmm.. in my experience, for really thin cuts, the mandoline is better (if I remember, the OXO can adjust for thinner cuts..). I've used my food processor for quick slicing through the feed tube, but since the ingredient isn't held as firmly, I don't think a food processor could get similar accuracy.

    A mandoline would be better for fries as well, if there is a julienne attachment, although you can hand cut fries as well if you are decent with a chef's knife - square the spud, slice it into large thin rectangles, then slice those batons..

    Oven-baked? bah... get out the hot peanut oil!

    1. Unless there's a special extra attachment I've never heard of, I can't see how you could possibly make french fries with a food processor.

      And no, a food processor won't make slices thin enough OR even enough to make veggie chips.

      You need a food processor regardless -- it's one of the most heavily used items in my kitchen -- but for the things you want to do, the OXO mandoline (which I own and use regularly) is what you want.

      1. I have both. I use the food processor with a 1 mm slicing disc for thin potatoes for chips in quanity. I use the mandoline for waffle cuts and if I don't need large quanity of veggies to slice.

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          Thank you all for your input. Sounds like I'm keeping the mandoline! :-) I guess I better get some of those oyster shucking gloves, I'm pretty accident prone and I read on another thread here about someone who ended up in the ER after using his/her mandoline... Grant.cook, I wish I could use peanut oil, but I'm allergic. Sounds delicious though! (I used to be able to eat peanuts)

          1. re: Cattie

            I am sure you can find a substitute.. peanut oil just has a high smoke point, so you can fry really hot..

            Actually, a nice thread.. I didn't know Cuisinart had smaller slicing discs - have to go out and find a 1 or 2mm one..

            1. re: grant.cook

              You can get a kit (or at least, you used to be able to) which has slicing disks from 1mm to 8mm, assorted shredding disks, a couple of julienning disks, a grating disk or two, an interchangeable stem, and a rack to hold it all. That greatly increases the usefulness of the Cuisinart, but it won't do as consistant job as you can do by hand or with a mandoline.

            2. re: Cattie

              I am accident prone and I have never injured myself with my Oxo mandoline. Keep it, definitely.

              1. re: Cattie

                I have a pair of cut resistant gloves for use with the mandoline. These are not cut proof but cut resistant, worth the money to me.