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In Montreal for the vict. day weekend, where to get good food?


I'll be dropping by montreal on the vict. day weekend, will spend a night in montreal. I would like to get the best food within my limitied time in Montreal.

I'm very sure that I'll go to Schwartz for their famous smoke meat and St. Viateur for their bagel.

Now the questions are, where should I go for these:

1. Poutine. I'm basically debating between La Banquise and Poutine Bourguignone. Which one is better? I will probably go there after normal dinner time, around 8 - 9pm. What are their business hours?

2. I will be staying at Hilton Montreal Bonaventure. Where should I go for good pastry for breakfast?

3. I would like to get some Prosciutto & Cheese & Wine to bring back home. Where is the best place to get each of those?

Besides the ones that I've mentioned, are there any other good food that I should try?

Thank you!

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  1. Where on St. Catherine (it is one of the longest streets in Montreal running along most of Montreal from East to West)?

    1. Hiya, Ste-Catherine's a veeeeeery long street, can you give us a cross street or the name of the hotel? Thanks!

      Here are some other threads to definitely check out:

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      Inexpensive Places Not to Miss - includes a lot of info about poutine

      Have a fun trip!

      1. "3. I would like to get some Prosciutto & Cheese & Wine to bring back home. Where is the best place to get each of those?"

        you'd probaly really enjoy an Italian grocery store here called Milano- they have every Italian cold cut you can imagine, a good cheese selection, and as a bonus, they're right near the Jean Talon market, where you'll find another couple of good cheese shops.

        Milano Fruiterie
        6862 Boulevard Saint-Laurent, Montreal, QC H2S, CA

        1. Sorry about the confusion, I didn't know St. Catherine is a very very long street.

          I'm going to stay in this hotel, which I believe it should be close to the downtown core:

          Hilton Montreal Bonaventure
          1 Place Bonaventure

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            right on the subway line that goes to the market.. you're at Bonaventure station on the orange line. The Jean Talon Market is a must-see for your shopping needs, it's at Jean Talon station.


            1. re: C70

              Thanks for the info, I'll definitely go there for a try.
              If I am driving, approx. how long is the drive from my hotel to Jean Talon Market?

              1. re: dorakk

                15-20 minutes. parking can be a hassle on weekends and our metro is very clean and safe :)

                1. re: C70

                  In fact, I've never tried Montreal's metro. Maybe I should give that a try...thanks for the recommendation!

                  1. re: dorakk

                    Bonaventure and Jean-Talon are on the same (orange) line. If you aren't planning to feed an army, definitely take the métro. The métro is not only clean, some stations are very artistically decorated.

                    There are a lot of foodie things to see and do around Jean-Talon market; there is a thread on it on the board.

                  2. re: C70

                    If the OP's stocking up on goodies to bring home, taking the car may be more practical than metro-ing, and the market does have an indoor lot now. Though agreed - metro's a lot less stressful and on a long weekend the JTM will probably be a zoo!

                    At the market, don't miss the Marché des Saveurs du Québec in the southeast corner. All kinds of delectables from "ici" - from cheeses to jams to teas to ciders and beer!


                    1. re: kpzoo

                      Yes, it really depends on how much the OP is buying. Parking is much easier with the underground carpark. In either case I'd advise OP to try to get there early.

                      1. re: lagatta

                        Still debating whether to drive there or take the metro. I won't be buying a lot (hopefully....), so probably I'll take the metro. Anyhow...thank you for all your recommendations, I can't wait to go there now.

                    1. re: davidwatk

                      It's open every day of the year except dec. 25-26 and jan 1-2. Whether individual stalls open is entirely up to them, but I would expect most of them to be open.

                2. "2. I will be staying at Hilton Montreal Bonaventure. Where should I go for good pastry for breakfast?"

                  Definitely walk down to Old Montreal and hit up Olive & Gourmando. Incredible baked goods - their cinnamon-apple & Valrhona chocolate brioches are particularly amazing - and divine coffee. If the weather's bad (it won't happen, it's a long weekend!) it's just a couple of metro stops away on the orange line at Place d'Armes - get off at the St-François-Xavier exit and walk south down to St-Paul. (Or get off Square Victoria and walk down, but the exits are a lot more confusing.) Or drive for 2 minutes and spend 30 min. looking for parking. ;-)

                  351 St-Paul West
                  Just take note they're closed on Sundays & Mondays.

                  1. Howdy!

                    1. Poutine Bourguignonne is a type of poutine, not a restaurant. La Banquise is open 24/7.
                    2. La Vieille Europe (3855 Saint Laurent) has a humongous selection of charcuterie and cheese.
                    3. For Wine, try the SAQ at 677 Ste-Catherine W. (otherwise known as the shopping center Les Ailes)

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                    1. re: zekesgallery

                      The poutine bourguignonne is at Ma'am Bolduc.

                      4351, avenue de Lorimier
                      Montréal, QC H2H 2B3
                      (514) 527-3884

                      EDIT: Place linking doesn't seem to be working.

                      1. re: SnackHappy

                        What are the business hours for Ma'am Bolduc? Is it 24/7 as well?

                        1. re: dorakk

                          Their online MontrealPlus.ca listing says:

                          MON-FRI 7:30am-10pm
                          SAT 8am-10pm
                          SUN 9am-10pm

                          Of course some places may be closed on Victoria Day (Monday) - though most restaurants stay open - so you may want to call before heading down.

                          4351, avenue de Lorimier
                          Montreal, QC H2H 2B3
                          Phone: 514-527-3884

                          If you do go to Ma'am Bolduc, I'd strongly suggest you try the tarte au sucre (sugar pie) - it's the best I've ever had. They also do yummy breakfasts.

                      2. re: zekesgallery

                        AS for SAQ, unless is looking for a limited selection of the best sellers or very expensive bottles, he should steer clear of the Signature, which I love, and walk a few blocks east on Maisonneuve to SAQ Sélection at 440 Maisonneuve for an amazing selection, one of the best in town in fact.

                        1. re: Campofiorin

                          I would agree that the SAQ Signature at Les Ailes is only a good idea if you are looking for premium bottles, and the SAQ Selection is better for general browsing. That being said, if you are a wine geek, the Signature is a lot of fun to wander around and windowshop.

                          1. re: moh

                            Yeah I know, I end up there pretty much every week. My wallet's not too crazy about it though.

                      3. If you've only got one night in Montreal, you're better off spending time seeing the city, and less time running all over the place for food. I would recommend Atwater market, which is much closer to your hotel (5 minutes by car, and much easier to park around, although both Atwater and Jean Talon markets will be extremely busy on Victoria Day weekend, with people buying plants for their gardens). You can get prosciutto (and jamon iberico), a great selection of cheese, and one of the better SAQ stores (not in the market itself, but the one right across the street). As a bonus, Havre au Glaces has a location there, for ice cream.
                        As for breakfast, the train station (Gare Centrale) is connected underground to your hotel, there's a branch of Premiere Moisson there - although I don't know what their hours will be on the holiday weekend. I second the recommendation to head to Olive & Gourmando.
                        Check the past few weeks' threads on this list, and you will find more places to go to and food to try than you can possibly cram into a weekend!

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                        1. re: cherylmtl

                          Re: Havre aux Glaces at Atwater market:

                          The shop has not yet opened for the season, but has a sign that it will open soon. I hope it will be up and running by Victoria Day weekend.

                        2. Wow....so many replies within 12 hours. You montrealian are so nice!
                          With all the suggestions that you provided, I'm kinda regret of planned just one night in Montreal.
                          Anyhow, thank you so much on your recommendations. Can't wait to get to MTL in a week time, really looking forward to my trip now!

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