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May 7, 2008 12:45 PM

Yum Yum Yogurt Land!

ok you've tried PinkBerry, Red Mango, & want to pay six bucks for a tiny, thimble size cup of frozen yougurt!! I don't think so!

Discovered YogurtLand in the Village (267 Bleecker)

It's self serve at 39 cents an ounce! With all kinds of topping too!

You choose amount, flavors and extras...they weigh it and you pay by the oz.

Great flavors....Taro, Green Tea, Tart Mango, Bluberry plus all the usual suspects

This place rocks! Run don't walk's delish!

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  1. Do they have mochi as a topping?

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    1. I was there last night and tried it out... The original is okay, it tastes the same as Pinkberry. But I thought that the other flavours we tried (chocolate, taro, green tea) were bad; powdery and artificial. The green tea was downright gross.
      The self-serve is fun, so it's too bad. :(

      1. They were gviing free samples out on Tuesday when I walked by. I tried the blueberry and thought that it was pretty good. I hate Pinkberry and all that other stuff though.

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        1. re: roze

          DH and I tried it last night. It was fun to have self-serve and different flavors. We also liked the variety of toppings (yes they do have mochi).

        2. This place is hilarious because you can grab a sample cup and basically free sample your way through a full large cup (shhhh...). I'm loving it, but can't be good for business. When i was in there were 4 other people doing the same thing. I really like the place, though----it's like a yogurt buffet. In fact, It is a yogurt buffet (and topping buffet--they're self-serve, too...all the mochi/cookie dough/fruit your heart desires).

          1. By 39 cents per ounce, does that include the toppings or are toppings essentially free for all?