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May 7, 2008 12:40 PM

Miso butterfish - Maui, Oahu

Last summer we dined at Roy's on Maui and had miso butterfish for the first time. It was amazing...but really expensive. Where else can I find it on Maui? How about on Oahu? Thanks!

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  1. On Oahu, Maguro-ya in Kaimuki serves a pretty good butterfish teishoku dinner. It's a complete meal; miso soup, salad, fish, rice, egg custard; around $20 more or less. Their deep fried whole flounder is also popular.

    1. just about any japanese restaurant has misoyaki butterfish on their menu, except for Sushi King. Yohei Sushi and Mr. Ojisan, come to mind. Marukai sometimes has it raw and ready to cook, so does Costco. The best was at the now closed Kyo-ya.

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        It's true one can get miso butterfish at just about any Japanese restaurant in Honolulu. But be careful because the range of quality can be quite vast, especially if you are looking for something "amazing". I agree that Kyo-ya's butterfish was really good! Too bad it closed, it was great for those special occasion dinners.

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          I second the vote for Yohei Sushi. I was just there on Saturday and had an excellent order of miso butterfish. Perfectly broiled (with crisp edges) and nicely seasoned. Nice side dishes of hijiki seaweed, egg custard, miso soup (with a nice helping of kaiware), and pickles. It was worth the $16!

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            I've never had the butterfish at Yohei, but the sushi there is very good. Yohei and Maguro-ya are owned by the same family members, brother and sister I believe. Will have to give Yohei's butterfish a try the next time, I love it when it's slightly crispy around the edges and moist on the inside.