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May 7, 2008 12:31 PM

Brunch in New Paltz Area

I would like to have brunch with my family after graduation next sunday (May 18) but I'm running into an issue. Originally I was planning to go to Mohonk Mountain House but it's very expensive and probably going to be really busy. Can anyone suggest good (preferably buffet/prix fixe but not necessarily) brunches in the new paltz or surrounding region (10-15 minute drive?) Not anything that's solely vegan/vegetarian, we're carnivores...


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  1. You might consider the Global Palate restaurant, in West Park, on Route 9W. They have a sandwich board advertising Sunday brunch from 10 until 2.

    Their website is

    1. The Would, in Highland which is not usually open on Sundays will be open for SUNY graduation on May 18. I also suggest the Bywater Bistyro in Rosendale and The Locust Tree in New Paltz. I was not too impressed with the Locust Tree for dinner, but we love their Brunch, especially sitting out on the porch.

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          Bacchus has great food if you don't mind a casual atmosphere. It's very reasonable and has a great beer list too!