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Food for a shark-themed party?

The puppy post reminded me...my boyfriend's shark movie is premiering on Memorial Day and we want to have a shark-themed viewing party. I've seen shark shaped gummy candies, so I thought Blue Velvet cupcakes with gummy shark decorations would be ideal.
Any other ideas? Shark tacos? Can you actually still buy shark in seafood markets? (The movie has a sort of "Jaws"-meets-enviromentalists theme.)

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  1. Could always do shark hash, it's quite popular here in Bermuda. Not sure where you live so can't comment on the availability of the meat in your seafood market. You could also do the theme ala Top Chef where they had to do a menu based on what the animal ate. Good luck!

    1. not sure if this is what you are looking for. It's heavy on the kitsch...

      Chum Punch- red base with rum and swedish fish served in a fish bowl, or slightly more gross, a white bucket
      Seafood Dip-with blue corn tortilla chips, you could stick a chip in the dip to look like a shark's fin.
      Tea Sandwiches- wild salmon filling (or other environmentally smart seafood choices, you can print a guide from here http://www.edf.org/page.cfm?tagID=1521) and cut in the shape of a shark's tooth
      Sugar Cookies- use a foot or hand cookie cutter, or even a ginger bread man. then cut out a "shark bite" and dust the edge of the bite with red sugar

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        Gotta say "ewwwww" to the gingerbread men. I love the idea - too funny!

        1. I am not sure what a 'Jaws' meets environmentalists theme means (a battle? and if so, who wins? fiction or not?), but assuming that there is any possibility his movie will appeal to environmentalists, divers, or others who love sharks (in the wild, not on the table), please reconsider serving any actual shark. Personally, If I were a guest, I'd be excited about the party based on the theme, but would not be a happy camper (indeed, I would be offended) if I got there and was offered the 'guest of honor' to eat...

          another west coast seafood guide:


          I do like the gingerbread men idea, however!

          1. had shark tenders in the Caribbean once.

            1. Supermarket fish dept still sell shark filets.

                1. If you have the money and no moral issue with it, you could serve shark's fin soup.

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                    Fin soup: according to a Malaysian, ethnic Chinese dad of a friend, requires a few drops of urine to bring out the flavor...

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                        Interesting. According to the US Army Survival Manual, too many drops could attract sharks at open sea.

                        I'm thinking of a centerpiece made from a fishbowl/aquarium filled with blue jell-o and Barbie and Ken dolls. Or blue jell-o shots with gummy sharks.

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                          Whose urine? The shark's or the cook's?

                        1. The VIP's should don some of these --> http://www.windycitynovelties.com/EPa...

                          We have black-tip shark readily available here on the East coast. I'm sure you have *something* comparable to that along your shores. Shark has a very interesting firm texture to it that a lot of your guests might not like. It can be really chewy.

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                              Hate to be a spoilsport, but I'm with susancinsf: It's a little late in the day to be eating actual sharks; they've got enough problems as it is. Shark's fin soup in particular--that's simply an atrocity. If "Jaws" is the theme, then remind yourself that it took fake sharks to make that film, and be content with fake sharks. Gummis and cakes and sugar cookies sounds about right.

                            2. Serve shark meat of course. It's a really tasty fish. Here's some recipes.



                                1. I made a cake for my brother once that had blue (and white) frosting peaked to look like waves. Pepperidge Farms makes those little fish shaped crackers in rainbow colors. I put them on top. I recently found that they also make pretzel fish as well.

                                  Here is a recipe for Shrimp and Tilapia Ceviche:

                                  1 lb. Tilapia fillets cubed
                                  1 lb. Shrimp (raw, peeled, deveined)
                                  8 garlic cloves chopped fine
                                  juice from 4-6 limes (enough citrus juice to cover fish)
                                  juice from 2-3 lemons
                                  1 tsp salt
                                  1/2 tsp. white pepper
                                  2 Tbsp. chopped cilantro
                                  1 red onion chopped finely
                                  1 serrano pepper (deseeded and minced)
                                  (I have also used mild jalapeno as well)
                                  1 cucumber peeled and sliced thinly

                                  In a large pot boil water and add shrimp for 1 -2 minutes. Quickly cool shrimp, (add to bowl of ice water or run under cold tap in strainer). Place cubed tilapia and shrimp in a glass or ceramic bowl. Mix in lime and lemon juice. Cover and refrigerate for an hour. Add onion, chile, pepper, garlic, salt, refrigerate for another hour. Right before serving add and mix in cilantro and cucumber.

                                  1. You can make shark romain lettuce boats. The same can be done with tuna fish...anyhow:

                                    poach or boil some shark briefly to cook it and flake it apart with a fork. the end result should look like tuna from a can. then season it lightly with olive oil, lemon juice, chopped onions, salt, a tiny pinch of cumin, cayenne pepper or paprika, plus some chopped fresh herbs like a pinch of cilantro, some mint, or perhaps some flat leaf parsley. You could also add in chopped bell peppers or chopped jalapenos for color and/or heat. Basically, season as you like. Then you use romaine lettuce and stuff a spoon of the seasoned shark mixture inside each leaf "taco style."

                                    It is very refreshing and yummy.