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May 7, 2008 12:15 PM

weekend dinner for small group Palos Verdes area

Small group of us, 20 to 24, gathering in the Rancho Palo Verdes area. I'm unfamiliar with that area. Where could we go for a nice dinner? Quiet, so we can visit. About $25 to $30 a person, that's excluding alcohol. thanks. pattido

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  1. I'm not sure if they could accommodate a group of 24, but call them anyway and try:

    Bistro 767
    767 Deep Valley Drive
    Rolling Hills Estates, CA 90274

    Also try Restaurant Christine:

    There is also the Admiral Risty but I would hesitate to recommend it -- it's a Palos Verdes institution and although the view is still nice, the place is showing its age.

    Have fun.

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    1. re: sharkgirl88

      I love Christine but I doubt it's within your budget, since entrees alone are in the range of your total per person. I'm not sure where else to suggest for a group of 20-24 (which i consider large, not small!). I'm wondering if it would make sense to contact some of the numerous chinese restaurants in southbay (e.g., Lomita) and try to arrange a chinese banquet?

    2. Admiral Risty's is always a good choice. Nice atmosphere and view, with excellent food. Ask for Rocky as your waiter he is a character and will make your evening!

      1. Is 20 to 24 your ages or the number in the group?