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May 7, 2008 12:10 PM

Chicago CH coming to vegas for Four Dinners(and a couple other meals)

My wife and I are going at the end of July and thought that maybe I would start a post to renew some old debates and pull some valued opinion out to help us. I seem to run into this dillema each time i plan a trip to go to vegas.....which places to go? What's new and worth trying and whats new and worth avoiding?

I am relatively new to CH, so I did not check the board before my last trip to vegas. I have done my searching as to the discussions of Alex vs. Savoy and which steakhouse is better and still seem to be unable to make a decision(more a factor of my indecisiveness) on where to go for dinner, let alone breakfast/lunch. Breakfast/lunch seems to be easier....either at the pool, carnegie deli.....but where else like that for lower key meals. We tend to do the nicer places for dinner.

Here are the places we have been to or are thinking about trying, would love your feedback as well as some other suggestions. We tend to stay away from the guy savoy's because my wife is a fish eater/vegetarian but if there is a place of that caliber, please suggest it. We also would like to stay on the strip or relatively close.

Places we visited last time:
Mesa Grill - went there for lunch last time, good, but would like a new choice for mexican.
Taquiria Cannonita(venetian) -- This is one of our favorites, low key, excellent food and actually reasonably priced, not to mention the excellent margarita's.
Okada -- did the sushi part -- did not like the sushi at all and the service was beyond mediocre.
StripSteak -- loved the kobe steak and some other interesting sides.

This time we were thinking of trying a new Asian restaurant(not necessarily Japanese, rather a chinese based place), a new Italian place and a steak place?

Here are a few that made our short list, but we would love feedback on where you would go if you could do any four places in las vegas, keeping it a bit different each night:

SW Steakhouse
Del Friscos
Fiamma Tratorria
Which of the new palazzo restaurants?
Wing Lei

Thank you in advance for your help in narrowing things down and I am looking forward to hearing what people think about the different places and thier top 3

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  1. Where is Yellowtail? I'm pretty familiar with most restaurants, but I've never heard of that one before.

    From those you've listed, I've dined at Isla and SW. Isla is not traditional mexican fare, but it's decent. Service was terrible. We had a carne asada burritio and tamale. The bill was $36. SW served up a wilted Caesar. We had filet and bone-in NY. The NY was not prepared as requested so it was sent back. Au gratin potatoes were tasty. Our check was $152.

    My top steakhouses:
    Best steak we've had was a bone-in Ribeye at Nobill.

    Nobhill, Seablue, Onda, Grand Lux, Canter's Deli, Carnegie Deli are a few of our other favorites.

    Palazzo restaurants: I have tried Carnevino, but I wasn't fond of it. Dishes were oversalted. My experience at CUT was far superior. I prefer Palazzo's Grand Lux to the Venetian. Waits are shorter and service has been more prompt.

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      yellowtail is the new name for the renovated/remodeled shintaro at bellagio

      1. re: zack

        thanks! I hadn't heard it changed.

      2. re: vegasjuhl

        Thank you for the suggestions......where is CUT?

      3. does anyone have any suggestions for Asian Fusion type places?