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May 7, 2008 11:42 AM

Lobster roll @ Fish King

Anyone try the lobster roll at the Fish King Galley? Last time I was there, I saw it on the menu for only $3.50. I had a hankering for the clams that day so I didn't try the lobster roll. Is it worth going back for? Thanks in advance.

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  1. at that price it must be a sushi roll, as opposed to the lobster sandwich i was hoping you were referring to....

    1. Yes, I would guess it is a sushi roll (although I also think it might be a typo). They have good California rolls and spicy tuna rolls at Fish King, so if they do make a roll with lobster, I'd be willing to bet it's also tasty. However, their CA and spicy tuna rolls definitely cost more than $3.50 (IIRC, more like $6-7).

      But hey, if it turns out it is a New England style lobster roll, and it *is* only $3.50, I would definitely try it next time I was in the neighborhood!

      1. The lobster roll at Fish King is delicious. I've been eating it for years with no complaints. However, it is not a sushi-style roll. It is more of an egg roll. In short, it's a lobster egg roll. While you're there I recommend also trying the zucchini and yams.