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May 7, 2008 11:37 AM

Memorial Day Weekend in RI??

Hello all,
I have lived in the area for several years but memorial day weekend seems to throw the dining schedule completely off due to the many graduation ceremonies. Unfortunately my family is also coming into town and I'd like to treat them to two nights of tasty dinners - at least one being superb if fried seafood. I've tried MacKray's, Flo's, Blount's, and have yet to find the "one." Any suggestions for great restaurants outside of Providence - whether a seafood shanty or a more cosmopolitan "must do"? Cheers!

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  1. if you don't mind a ride -- westerly rhode island has the shelter harbor inn [right on route 1].

    1. My absolute favorite spot for a nice dinner outside of Providence is njoi in Cranston. It opened in October. I've been there three times and have yet to be dissapointed. In addition to the regular menu the chef offers tasting menus most nights. My husband and I did the tasting menu on Valentine's Day and it was out of this world. The website is It's in a weird spot, which is unfortunate for them but means it's not generally a tough spot to get a table.

      For more casual pub-fare, Fat Belly's Pub can't be beat. It's on the East Greenwich/Warwick line, near Goddard Park. The address is 254 Old Forge Road, but they don't have a website. They have some of the best pizza and burgers I've had in Rhode Island. Also fab is their chicken parm, ruebens, and calamari. My husband had a spicy cajun pasta dish there a couple of weeks ago that he just raved about. It's tiny but has a great vibe, good beer on tap, and outstanding food, which makes it a winner all around if you ask me.

      1. Check out the Matunuck Oyster Co off Rt 1S. Its locally owned, and Perry the guy that owns it, also owns the oyster farm right there! The fish n Chips is MIND BLOWING! So light and fluffy! if you have never been there, I highly recommend it. It gets PACKED, but worth the wait.

        Hope you like it!

        1. Also, if you are in Newport, Perro Salado is a little hidden Gem. Its not your typical fried NE seafood, but those fish tacos are kind of amazing. Its a Newport house, made into a restaurant, with an outdoor patio, chunky Christmas lights, and an awesome staff. Also, go for a Spicy Cucumber margarita! YUM!!!