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May 7, 2008 11:30 AM

Tortas Tasting

Last night we ate at Super Tortas in Hollywood for the first time. I thought the chicken torta I ordered was pretty good--I liked the way the shredded chicken breast was seasoned and for breast, was actually pretty tender. The bread was also good and the sandwich itself is fairly large. They include avocado, lettuce, and a side of peppers. I thought the sandwich could have used a little more chicken though, especially for the price. At a little over six dollars for a sandwich, I thought they were a little skimpy on the chicken. My boyfriend had the rib-eye torta; this one tasted okay. Thought the meat was flavorful but a bit chewy. Very friendly and fast service at this place and a good choice for a quick bite to eat.

Super Tortas
1253 Vine St. ste.8
Hollywood, CA

I also had a chicken torta at Tall Pines in Monrovia; this was probably one of the best chicken sandwiches I've had. Unlike Super Tortas, the chicken is more of a large chicken cutlet which has been nicely seasoned and grilled; the bread was buttered and toasted which was a great touch, and they give you plenty of lettuce and tomatoes. The price was right too...$5.95 and included a side of french fries.

Tall Pines
1540 S. Myrtle Ave.

I guess I've been on a torta kick lately so if anyone has any other recommendations for some good torta places, please fill me in!

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  1. I like the tortas at Tortas Mexico in Pasadena (on Fair Oaks just north of Colorado on the east side of the street). They have good carne asada tortas, and really tasty red salsa.

    Tortas Mexico
    (626) 432-4887
    90 N Fair Oaks Ave, Pasadena, CA 91103

    1. There is a hidden taco stand I have been trying out after driving past it a few weeks ago while taking a shortcut from Five Points in El Monte heading north on Cogswell toward Romona Blvd. I saw a line of neighborhood people at the window of this tiny place on a Saturday. Anyway, I finally returned a week later when I was hungry and have returned twice again. I have not yet had time to write a post about what I have tried there (Lengua / tongue and fish taco– OMG!) but I can say that on two occasions I noticed others eating tortas. Your post made me go back today for lunch to try the carnitas torta. The bread was fresh and toasted right. The filling included cabbage, tomato and lots of avocado. The carnitas was high quality pork with plenty of flavor, no fat, and no grease. This $5 torta was a very good lunch and was more than I really wanted to eat. I say that because I have been thinking of trying their sesos / brain taco but simply did not have the room for another bite. This place is the real deal and has a long list of $1 tacos on the menu.

      I will try that Big Pines torta but it is hard to go there and not have those house breakfast potatoes. Thanks for the post.

      Taqueria LA Cabana
      3402 Cogswell Rd
      El Monte, CA 91732
      (626) 448-9310

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        DanaB and JeetJet,

        thanks a lot for the tortas-tips! i live in the SGV so i'm going to give these places a try.

        1. re: Augusta

          Try King Torta on Valley.

          King Torta
          4521 Valley Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90032

          1. re: Augusta

            Augusta, if you like shrimp you gotta try the shrimp torta at Taqueria LA Cabana. This is like a toasted shrimp Po'Boy. Eat it there. I took mine for a drive and although it was still good 10 min. later I could see that this one will be very good HOT.

            My post about Taqueria LA Cabana

        2. I haven't gotten tortas at very many places, but I love the ones at Guelaguetza (I prefer the quesillo or the chile relleno tortas). They're pretty big too, and come with french fries.

          Guelaguetza (West LA location)
          11127 Palms Blvd
          Los Angeles, CA 90034-6502
          (310) 837-1153