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May 7, 2008 11:16 AM

Celebrate with 18 year old guys

I am a single mom taking my son and his best friend (another guy) to celebrate high school graduation with a superlative meal. These young men really, really love to eat great food and they have pretty sophisticated and well-educated palates. Price is not really an issue and since these two can't drink (at least not legally) the wine list is not too important, although I certainly hope to be able to drink something really decent by the glass or half-bottle. Would be good to also have a place that is not too hush-hush because we all like to talk it up. So, suggestions please for a place that is fun with amazing, celebratory food that is not to precious and not strictly Asian and has, I hope, some substantial meat offerings. Oh, and nothing west of Beverly Hills, since we start off in Silver Lake.

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  1. Nothing better for 18-year-old guys than all the meat they care to eat. So now I'm going to challenge my spelling skills and memory and suggest a churrascurria (doesn't look right, but close). The highest priced is in Beverly Hills, Fogo de Chao, if I've spelled that correctly. There is a place down on Venice Blvd. on the east side of Culver City with Brasil in its name that was getting good reviews about six months or so ago and was less than half the price -- low twenties for dinner and salad bar. I've seen ads or mentions for Picanha which may have a branch in Glendale or vicinity? Anyway, to treat young guys with big appetites to a meal where they can go all out and not feel guilty (especially your son's friend being treated) would make for a special evening. And then they'll be so stuffed you can rent a movie for afterwards...

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      good idea! closer to the OP, there's also M Grill in Koreatown.

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        Thanks for the idea. You are right about the meat but they've done Fogo de Chao many a time. My son's dad took him to Providence to celebrate, so I am looking for something along those lines.

        1. re: lotfegirl

          That's helpful to know. Maybe Jar? Or if money is no object, Cut.

          1. re: mollyomormon

            those were going to be my suggestions - jar and cut.

            closer to you there's hungry cat and hatfield's.

            lucques is another idea.

          2. re: lotfegirl

            Second Fogo De Chao

            Cut is also a good rec. What about West?

            You could do well at Chameau or Moun of Tunis, too.

            Why not Providence? There is not too much meat, but TONS of good fish.

            A little lower end, but still nice and fun for 18 year old guys, would be Boneyard Bistro for upscale Barbacue. The bistro menu has non bbq stuff, and the wine list is dang good. It is in Sherman Oaks.

            1. re: Diana

              I like the CUT suggestion and might go with that.

              1. re: Diana

                I forgot to tell you...his dad took him to Providence for his celebration. We all think Providence is absolutely the best. We love it. But I want to do something different.

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                  I'd say maybe Moun of Tunis [what a great suggestion, Diana!] or Dar Maghreb... it's a new experience and I distinctly remember my 18-year-old self loving the belly dancers at North African restaurants.

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                I'd pass on M-Grill, which was pretty disappointing the one time I went (ironically, with a whole batch of foodies, who likewise came away somewhat unimpressed). Picanha is in burbank, and quality-wise, it's great bang-for-buck compared to Fogo.

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                1. Grace or maybe the new Wolfgang's Steakhouse (not Cut), Craft (although this is just past Bev Hills in Century City).

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                    I was also going to suggest Wolfgang's. Sounds like it would be perfect for the occasion.

                  2. I love the meat offerings at Jar, Luques, and Grace. You can't go wrong with any of the three. Jar is the loudest and probably the most festive for 18 year olds, but Grace, while much quieter, had a nice special occasion feel. I would pick Grace and be sure to order the pork belly appetizer and wild boar good!

                    1. Just a thought..west of Beverly Hills, yes, but the Saddle Peak Lodge is meaty, fun, and special.

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                        I had forgotten about Saddle Peak Lounge, but that is a great idea. Just need to see if they want to go out that far.

                        1. re: lotfegirl

                          saddle peak is a lot of fun, and i've found myself on there for several family celebration - type occasions