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May 7, 2008 11:07 AM

Anything new in Broomfield/Louisville?

Hi Denver/Boulder hounds: I will be traveling from LA in a couple of weeks and will be staying in either Louisville or Broomfield for a week. I still have all the helpful suggestions from last year (Louisville Inn, Pasquinis, etc) and am wondering if there is anything new or interesting I should try or definitely stay away from. I'm a middle aged woman who will probably be eating alone for most of my evening meals.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Pasquini's is gone -- some would say mercifully. In its place is Empire -- well regarded (haven't been there yet). If you want to take the short drive to downtown Boulder, The Kitchen Cafe has a community table. Also, Q's at the Boulderado and Jill's at the Hotel St. Julien are both geared to accommodating solo diners. If you are staying at the Omni in Broomfield, the Meritage there is also a good hotel restaurant.

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      Ate at the Kitchen upstairs last year and loved it -- I am happy to hear it's still there and hope to return. I am staying at the Omni and liked the Meritage as well. Thanks for the update on Empire; I will see if I can try it.

    2. There's also a list of places in various surrounding towns here. But I second Claire on the buzz Empire's been getting.

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        Went to empire a couple weeks ago with the family and had a great time! I even felt that I needed to send a email to the chef that I was so impressed with what he was doing. Everyone needs to go and support independents, especialy when they are doing it in a place like louisville!!!

      2. Tibet's on McCaslin is worth a visit. They have a small bar, if you're inclined to eat there but you won't feel out of place alone at a table. They have Indian and Nepalese dishes but the Tibetan specialties (many of which are variations on the latter) are dynamite.

        I've had one experience at Empire and although I thought it was good, I wasn't wowed. Prices were a bit high.

        I'd also recommend the SoBo Bistro in the Table Mesa Shopping Center at Broadway and Table Mesa in Boulder. Another place you can eat at the bar and I think this is the best new joint to hit Boulder in a long time.

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          Tibet's is delicious. I rarely venture in between Boulder and Denver for dinner, but I absolutely love this place!!! Their Indian is good, but if you have never been there, I would also suggest getting a genuine Tibetan dish, they are some of the best in the state.

        2. Thanks everyone for your suggestions! My Denver friend and I and her daughter ended up at Empire on a Thursday night and without reservations were seated within minutes. I don't know what the place looked like as Pasquini's, but I loved the interior.

          I agree with the posters here who say it's a wonderful independent addition to this area's dining scene. The garlic soup tasted like mouthfuls of spring, the caesar was fine (though no anchovies, so it's not on the top of my list) and we all had different fish dishes: I had the ono special that came with sauteed spinach -- excellent, done medium rare and with a great steak like quality to it. Friend had the ruby red trout which she completely devoured and her daughter had the seared tuna.

          Two desserts -- a panna cotta and apple tarte tatin, were excellent.

          The place also serves its own homemade biscuits and replenishes them regularly.

          Wine selections were very nice.

          It is probably pricey for this area, but having come from Los Angeles, I found the food to be of excellent quality and not overpriced.

          It's also down the street from famous Wildwood Guitars, which unfortunately, was closed.

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            We finally went there last night, and it was every bit as good as I'd heard. And FWIW, it really isn't expensive for a restaurant run by a top chef who uses quality ingredients. Most entrees are well under $20 (in fact, only one is more expensive). They offer "snacks," small and large plates and lots of wines by the glass, which makes it possible to have a very moderately priced dinner.

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              Went back to Empire last week and I was wowed! The aforementioned garlic soup was spectacular. Finally! A garlic soup that actually tastes of garlic. My bucatini with nicely done bits of lamb and pork was perfect. Prices were reasonable. Not sure why my first impression was otherwise. I'll definitely be back.