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May 7, 2008 10:38 AM

Possible Move to Fort Wayne, IN

I am going to be interviewing at a company in Fort Wayne, with the possibility to relocate there. I am a big food and wine fan, and was wondering what the scene was like in Ft. Wayne. Mainly I am looking for info. on the availability of Farmer's markets, wine stores, good restaurants, specialty stores (i.e. bakeries, cheese monger, butchers), etc. I dabble in cooking so places where I can get good fresh produce, meats, cheeses are of special interest. Generally any information on the food seen in the Ft. Wayne area would be welcome!

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  1. Can anyone please help me with suggestions for Fort Wayne!

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      Here is an old thread that mentions some things you are looking for. I will attest to Joseph's Decuis in Roanoke being absolutely fabulous and has the best wine list around. They also have a small store that sells meats and their soups. They have their own farm and raise cattle in the Kobe method.
      Farmers market is downtown on Berry st and also in Roanoke on Main St.

      Park Place is another restaurant in Ft. Wayne, a steak kind of place. Catablu is a steak and fish place that gets great reviews. Cork-n-Cleaver is the best steak place in town. Paula's on Main st in Ft. Wayne is a great fish restaurant.
      The Fresh Market is in town and is a specialty market. On Broadway there is a fresh fish market called Chappell's, it is also a seafood restaurant.

    2. The Three Rivers Coop is a good source for things healthy--bulk foods, etc. You can get locally sourced meats there too, but in the freezer section (it's a smallish coop).

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        nofunlatte and Living4fun,

        Thanks for your replies. I am headed up to Ft. Wayne tomorrow and I will definitely try to check some of your recs out!

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          So did you try Joseph Decuis on your visit?